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The National Personal Training Institute was one of the best decisions for my career that I’ve ever made.

After finishing college and realizing that my chosen career path wasn’t meant for me, I began researching personal training certifications, exercise science degrees, etc. and became overwhelmed. So many options ranging from a quick weekend certification to a four year degree. I knew that a quick weekend certification wouldn’t prepare me for a full career – but I didn’t necessarily want to go to school for another 4 years after just graduating. NPTI truly combines the best of both worlds. You get world-class education in the classroom on anatomy, nutrition, kinesiology and hands on education in the gym – every day!

There isn’t an online environment that can truly prepare you to work with real life clients – NPTI does that and more. I came out of the program fully prepared and began working with clients directly after passing my NASM exam. Sequoya and Brad are amazing – I still contact them for advice. Having that community and support network in place after you graduate is key! If you are on the fence, I highly recommend NPTI!

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