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Over the years I began to let my physique go and, along with that, my self-image suffered. I made the decision to take back my life, both physically and mentally. Upon research I found out that NPTI Oregon was highly respected, supported by the VA, and that its graduates had a high rate of success after course completion. Now. . . I feel better than I have in years, feel empowered by all the information I’ve received, and look forward to using my education to not only keep myself on the right track, but also help others in this new-found profession.

NPTI Oregon has been an immensely enriching experience, providing me with a platform for personal growth, a foundation for finding and developing my passions, and a well-rounded and holistic education overall for steering my future career pursuits. The overlapping student body (half new students, half “old” students) is an ingenious design that allows newcomers to be trained and “taught” by returning students and then, in turn, to do the same themselves. That system, along with an extensive combination of classroom, text book, hands-on practical work, and supplemental readings and videos, provides an amazing opportunity for in-depth learning. The NPTI Oregon experience has been inspirational, transformative, and enlightening and it has my highest recommendation!

The education I received at NPTI Oregon was everything I could’ve asked for and more. NPTI’s instructors gave me the tools to become the best trainer I could possibly be, which resulted in multiple job offers around the state of Oregon. Highly recommend to anyone with aspirations to be in the fitness industry!

Take the course! It’ll be a huge benefit for you. Whether you are brand new to the industry or experienced, the NPTI Oregon personal trainer program provides a broad range of information that has been very useful to the start of my training career. From anatomy, biomechanics, business, and nutrition to physiology, plyometrics, power, program design, strength, and more, this course teaches and allows you to receive great information in the short time you’re enrolled. The instructors are helpful, resourceful, personable and for me most importantly, motivating. By taking the course, you will put yourself in a great position to understand the industry and to begin your career.

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