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After 25 years of being an administrative assistant, I decided to make a career change to help people achieve their health and wellness goals by becoming a personal trainer. Deciding to attend The National Personal Training Institute of Philadelphia, was absolutely best decision to help me achieve my goal. Their hands-on approach and practical learning to reinforce the text was amazing. Barry Fritz along with Dan Bowen, not to mention former Graduates who came in to share their experiences and expertise, made learning fun and showed the potential future we had after we graduated. My experience at the National Personal Training Institute has to be one of the best experiences I ever had and highly recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a personal trainer.

It is great when you can learn so much and enjoy the time spent doing it!

Going to the National Personal Training Institute has been such an amazing and fun experience. I've learned so much and built up so many great friendships. I am so glad I made the investment in coming to the National Personal Training Institute.

I am so glad and thankful for finding this school to help me with my dreams.

I have learned a lot from the National Personal Training Institute and fell in love with fitness. I am so happy I chose to do this school over the others.

Thank you so much for all you taught me. What a wonderful program. Going to the National Personal Training Institute was such a great decision.

If you want to learn how to actually be a personal trainer, in my opinion, there’s no better place in the world to learn how to do that than the National Personal Training Institute. While there, you will learn anatomy in a practical and applicable way that directly relates to how you will be training people wherever you end up. You will have the confidence that only hundreds of hours of classroom, and hands-on, in-the-gym training of people from all walks of life, abilities, aspirations, and limitations can bring you. You will quickly learn that the diversity of your clients, and the continual challenge of meeting each individual's set of circumstances, is what makes this such an engaging and rewarding profession.

Attending National Personal Training Institute Philly is hands down the greatest decision I could have made to kick start my future as a trainer, coach and athlete! The instructors are exceedingly knowledgeable and are ALWAYS willing to spend extra time with each student. Upon graduating I made a connection to get an internship program which led me into starting my very own online personal training business! The National Personal Training Institute gave me the tools I needed to take control of my life and help others achieve their fitness goals as well!

I am so grateful for my experience at the National Personal Training Institute. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and experienced in health and fitness. While a student, I was confident and skilled enough to start my own personal training business, build my brand BeautiFitStrong and utilize my skills to give back to my community. Because of the hands-on training in the gym and interactive classroom lessons I was able to learn and master training skills. I currently have a full book of clients servicing mostly women who want to change body composition. I also train small groups of teenage girls at the Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Center and I’m launching BeautiFitStrong Camp for girls in the summer. The National Personal Training Institute gave me the confidence and ability to not just become a trainer but to build a successful business.

If your dream is to become a personal trainer, the National Personal Training Institute is the best school for you. Great teachers, great books, and you get a chance to practice with others. It was the best experience I ever had!

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