Flexible Payment Plans
We work with you so payment is affordable. Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card. All major credit cards are accepted.

Flexible payment options include:

  • Full Payment
  • Half Payments
  • Monthly Payments

Special Bank Loan

Please call 1-800-960-6294 for more information.

These loans have the following features:

  • Interest rate and fees are set according to your proof of income and credit rating.
  • You can borrow, depending on your credit, the total tuition required for the 500 hour program.
  • You can apply with a co-applicant. This may reduce your interest rate, increase your chances of being approved, or increase the maximum allowable loan amount.

To apply you will need to contact your admissions representative at the Corporate Office.

Please call us toll free at: 800-960-6294 or email us for more information.

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