5 Practices for Mindful Living

In today’s modern world, there is a lot to juggle in life like work, family, and friends. It may be quite hard to squeeze in time for ourselves but it’s essential to have ‘me time’ to push through our daily … Continued

10 Healthy Habits To Incorporate In 2022

Another year is here again and we’re no strangers to the making and breaking of New Year’s Resolutions. We promise to take better care of ourselves and improve our well-being. Once life kicks, we are quick to put our health … Continued

How Your Fitness Needs Change as You Age

Many people are not aware that as we age, our fitness needs change. This is mainly caused by the stress of aging or having a different muscle to fat ratio. Contrary to popular belief, older adults can become fitter and … Continued

Healthy Diet: Cutting Out vs. Cutting Back

What comes to mind when you think of a healthy diet? Very likely, you will imagine a mix of foods selected by avoiding other certain foods. Indeed, the prevailing attitude in contemporary nutrition has been one of attrition. That is, … Continued

Health, Habits, & Mindsets

A personal trainer plays a vital role in encouraging people to achieve their fitness goals. They are more than just someone who creates and delivers a workout program for their clients. To be more effective in what they do, personal … Continued

Setting Healthy Boundaries With Food and Exercise

A lot of people lean towards extreme behaviors when it comes to health and fitness. They either overcommit to unrealistic goals or excessively deprive themselves of the good things. These unreasonable expectations become the reason for unhealthy relationships with food … Continued

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