Personal Training Certification and Diploma from the National Personal Training Institute

The National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) offers 500 hour and 600 hour comprehensive personal training fitness courses designed to educate students in every facet of health and fitness. At NPTI, we offer a dynamic, interactive classroom setting coupled with a hands-on gym training portion where you will gain practical knowledge covering all areas of health and fitness that will distinguish you from your peers. Students at NPTI are passionate about physical health through exercise and eating habits as well as mental health. Our program provides our students with the opportunity to get in the best shape of their lives while receiving career-oriented education towards a personal training certification.

NPTI personal trainers and support staff have remarkable expertise in bodybuilding, physique, sport specific training, weight training, personal training, and exercise physiology, which allows students to quickly adapt and excel in their respective areas. As a result, graduates receiving their certifications are well rounded and fully prepared for the world of personal fitness training.

Having a recognized NPTI personal training diploma, with 200 hours of hands-on experience, will dramatically set you apart from ordinary personal trainers. NPTI was one of the first personal training schools in the world. We have certified thousands of personal trainers and have changed the way personal trainers educate themselves. Our personal training certification programs open many doors for our graduates. Be a part of our NPTI family, and become one among the most hirable personal trainers on the market.

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Become a Personal Fitness Trainer and Get In Shape While Going To School

  • Get into the best shape of your life while earning an education.
  • Train for a rewarding career as a personal fitness trainer.
  • 200 hours of hands-on gym time.
  • Gain a new career in six months at a location near you.

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