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I am a mother of 4 and decided to go forward toward my love for health and fitness and become a Personal Trainer. I just graduated from NPTI Charlotte and could not have been more satisfied with the program. 2 months before graduating I had a part time job. In addition, 2 weeks after graduating I have 3 clients who I personal train out of my home. I’m loving every minute of it. It is all due to everything I have learned at NPTI. Thank you Matt Bean for all your support and knowledge to get me though the program and off to a great start!!

Matt Bean is an exceptional director and instructor. He is very effective as a leader and extremely knowledgeable on the content covered in the NPTI classroom and in the gym. Matt is consistent with his high level of professional communication and extremely encouraging. Matt made an effort to get to know us individually and always took the time to confirm understanding and provide direction. He sent me away with the enthusiasm and confidence to be a top tier trainer. I’m so grateful for NPTI Charlotte, thanks Matt!

I’m so glad I chose to go to NPTI in Charlotte instead of a quick online certification. I feel like I left with so much knowledge and understanding of not only the physical training side, but also the nutrition and business side of this profession.

Matt Bean is an excellent instructor- very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Though he’s been known to crack a few smiles, he is serious, as he wants his students to graduate as the best trainers in the field. He keeps his students on their toes and purveys an incredible amount of knowledge. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned and how confident I feel with that knowledge. I highly recommend NPTI Charlotte, it is a superior program!

NPTI Charlotte will teach you to push yourself, which is vital if you want to be able to push others towards their fitness goals. Matt Bean is an incredible instructor with more knowledge of the field and industry than any published book you will find on shelves. The manner in which he is able to simplify the most intricate concepts is astonishing. I only wish I could have spent more time in the program, but alas working as a trainer is the next step in your own progression. The program leaves no stone unturned and is truly breeding a new brand of trainer. After six months with NPTI I feel ready to pursue any training opportunity that is presented to me. I also would feel comfortable speaking with doctors or anyone in the health and wellness field. This is the quality of education that NPTI provides.

NPTI?, when I first heard about this I thought it was just another pop up that came when I entered anything with fitness or a trainer on google. Well boy was I wrong. This class is the best thing I could have done to get more equipped in the fitness game. I was already a certified personal trainer, BUT the 6 week class I took before this class was NOTHING compared to the 6 months of knowledge I gained from NPTI Charlotte. Skin fold test, biogenetics, program design(the right way), muscle imbalance testing, flexibility, how the heart works, VO2max and so much more. This is one class that will set you aside from all the rest. There are “rep counters” and there are NPTI graduates, who are REAL KNOWLEDGEABLE TRAINERS”. The best part about this class is not only do you get in top notch shape, but you also build a family within the class between the students and the teacher.

I have always been someone who exercised in some manner and then when I had children, they played several sports and experienced training and sometimes therapy through all of those years. And about 12 years ago, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis where I also found that nutrition and exercise were huge factors in managing this disease. For the last few years I have been really thinking about how I can be a part of the health and wellness world. I decided to jump in and really do not have words to describe how excited I have become about what I have learned and the desire to learn more. The class is pretty fast paced with new material covered each week. Matt is a great instructor. It is very evident that he has a passion for the information that he is teaching. He was always patient with all the questions. I also, liked how the class was broken into class hours and actual gym hours where you are experiencing firsthand actual training techniques with your future clients. You really end up bonding with your classmates, as you learn to lean on each other while you are all learning together.

When I first realized I wanted to begin a career in fitness my initial thought was going back to a university and getting a second bachelors degree. However, the more I researched NPTI, the more I knew that I would be better prepared for the fitness world with an accredited certification from NPTI than with another degree. I am so grateful I went with NPTI. Matt Bean is an excellent educator! The coursework and the practical hours were exactly what I needed to jump right into a role as a fitness coach and instructor. Matt is extremely knowledgeable, and I have found success in many different realms of fitness thanks to his expertise. During my coursework I assisted in coaching a group of volleyball players ages 11-18, and felt extremely prepared for the adolescent demographic. I have also had many happy clients of all ages in studio settings, group classes, Pilates and yoga classes, and heart rate based group interval training. In every setting the education I received at NPTI has directly contributed to earning the respect of employers and clientele as a knowledgeable coach. I am so thankful I found NPTI Charlotte! The lessons and experiences will continue to serve me for life.

Before I started the personal training program at NPTI Charlotte, I had no interest in nutrition. I knew that I needed fruits and veggies in my diet, but that was about it! After attending the program, I gained a new respect for nutrition and learned just how much of an impact it has on our bodies during exercise. I am currently in my last semester at Western Carolina University, where I will be earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. I have been working as a trainer at the campus recreation center to gain experience, and looking forward to a life-long career focused on helping others achieve optimal health through exercise and proper nutrition!

I enjoyed my time at NPTI Charlotte. The curriculum not only gives you the knowledge base to pass any of the certification exams, but it also gives you the hands on experience needed to get out there and start working with clients upon graduation. Matt Bean is an excellent instructor; dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend NPTI to anyone seriously considering a career in the Fitness industry.

I tried a couple different options before deciding on NPTI Charlotte.  First I tried an online program through the AFAA to get certified, but I quickly realized I wasn’t learning the material.  I would just memorize it and lack an understanding.  I then tried an online program through WCU, which, while better than the first option, was still lacking a key essential to learning what I needed to know.  You need hands on experience to be a great personal trainer, and NPTI offered that for me.  I was able to hit the ground running straight from school to working in the fitness industry.  Everyday I work in the fitness industry I become more and more glad I chose this route.  I have a better knowledge and background than most of the Personal Trainers I work with.  Some of whom have been training for years and/or have four year degrees.  I now work as a Personal Trainer/Gym Manager and have NPTI to thank for my success.

The training that I received from NPTI Charlotte went beyond my expectations the level of training I received just couldn’t be attained by just reading a book. The classroom learning along with hands on training from an expert instructor who was there to guide you every step of the way just can’t be matched. I strongly recommend to anyone who is thinking about being a personal trainer to sign up with NPTI Charlotte, it was the best decision I made.

I had an amazing experience with NPTI Charlotte.  I cannot thank Matt Bean, the program, and my fellow students enough for providing a professional, educational, and FUN environment to learn about Health and Wellness. I was like many others who did not know the best way to break into the fitness industry and start a career as a personal trainer. I knew that I loved working out, learning how the body works, and helping others. I researched many options and wanted a program that allowed me to interact with other students as well as learn from someone with experience in the field, and not just read words from a textbook.

After graduating from the program, I felt extremely confident in my knowledge and practical application of personal training. I have worked as a successful personal trainer at two national gyms, an upscale studio, and have had numerous personal clients.  I have personally helped over 100+ clients from NC to NYC achieve greater fitness. Any “trainer” with a functioning brain can put together a basic workout routine. An NPTI Charlotte graduate can custom fit a workable fitness plan to an individual with specific needs, all with style and grace. I met many “trainers” in the industry that grasped basic exercise concepts, yet could not apply those concepts to a multi-dimensional client in a practical way.  After graduating from NPTI Charlotte, I felt very seasoned in the application of personal training and my very first “real” client thought I had been in the industry for years!

My experience at NPTI blew away my expectations. I thought I knew a lot about health and fitness until I went to NPTI and realized how much I didn’t know. You learn so much that when you come out of that 6 month program, you feel like a experienced trainer. Every day you spend half the day in the classroom, and the other half doing actual hands on personal training. If you want to separate yourself from most all the other trainers out there, this is the way to do it. It is the perfect foundation to be a successful health and fitness professional. Matt Bean is also a very intelligent instructor that made the learning experience a real pleasure. NPTI was worth every penny and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about being the best in this fast growing industry.

After working 12 years at a bank I decided that I needed something more. I had always enjoyed working out and sharing that knowledge with others, so I decided to do one of those online certifications  and started training part time.

After a while I came to the conclusion that training is something that I loved and wanted to possibly turn into a career, but because I didn’t go to a 4 year college for exercise science or anything along those lines I felt that I did not have the knowledge to compete with those in the field that did.  I also didn’t have the time or money to go back to a 4 yr school.  That’s when I did some research and found NPTI.

Going to NPTI was one of the best decisions of my life! In those 6mths I was able to gain the knowledge and skill set to better compete with other trainers that did have the 4 year degrees.  Matt Bean is so knowledgeable and breaks the classroom information down so you can understand it. The practical time spent in the gym with your fellow students is priceless.  This is where you get to write and apply programs and everything else you learned that day in the classroom.

After NPTI I felt more competent and sure in my abilities to become a successful trainer. I am currently training full time and I love it! I will forever be grateful for all I learned from  NPTI, Matt and fellow classmates!

As a 2013 NPTI Charlotte graduate, I highly recommend the program. The presentation of lecture and hands on training, left me feeling experienced as a personal trainer even before exciting the program. This definitely built my confidence, knowing I had the knowledge to help improve my client’s overall lifestyle. The instructors were very personable, informative, and thorough in the information presented and were readily available when assistance was needed. I was pleased immensely at the education I received from NPTI and was fully prepared for my NASM personal training certification exam.  I now enjoy spreading my learned expertise with others as they reach their physical goals.

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