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The last 6 months spent here at NPTI have been life changing for me both personally and professionally. I had no idea there would be so much anatomy, movement, biomechanics, nutrition etc. involved; it was so much more than just exercising and working out. I am proud to consider myself a very knowledgeable and informed personal trainer, certainly a cut above many other personal trainers out there today.

NPTI was a great place to learn, with very knowledgeable instructors. We learned the information needed to succeed in the workplace. I didn’t even have to look for a job, the fitness managers from the various gyms came asking for me!

NPTI was one of the best decisions I ever made. My life since graduating has been great. Working with people to help them overcome the challenges of getting and staying fit is the most rewarding job I have ever had. My teacher and classmates were so awesome throughout the course. I loved it so much I even got my brother in the NPTI program. I reccomend NPTI of Houston to anyone who asks. I just want to say thanks to my teacher. With his guidance, I was able to compete in two fitness competitions upon graduating and plan to do many more. Now I’m on a journey to a great exciting career.

David is a fantastic instructor, I learned a lot from the class and from him. The class, and David, has inspired me to continue my education in the fitness field, which in turn got me to go back to college pursuing a degree in exercise science.

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