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The courses offered by NPTI are amazing. You don’t have to be physically fit, you don’t have the be the biggest guy in the room, or be the girl with the smallest waist in order to take the courses. These courses are a great way not only to expand your knowledge but to also help others that don’t know. The amount of knowledge you pick up in the short amount of time is crazy. The instructor, Coach Al, is one of the most awesome people I’ve ever met. He’s loud, outspoken, and tells you how it is. His knowledge is profound. If you ask him something, and he doesn’t know, he goes out of his way to find the answer for you. The classmates will become like a family to you. Everyday you show up to class you can bet at least one person in there will make you smile. You will NOT find a better course.

COVID-19 hit in the midst my class period, the admin worked like crazy getting everything together and going out of their way to make sure the class finished on time and everything ran as smooth as possible. Where as other colleges and course took weeks off to get prepared for online courses. This staff is nothing but amazing.

This is truly an amazing school. You can not beat the information provided and how well prepared you are after you finish this school. You learn how to workout for yourself and also provide the best personal training program exercises to your current and future clients. I have been a group instructor for several years and I have gained so much knowledge from this course that has definitely improved my skills and it has definitely made my clients happier. You would be cheating yourself by going anywhere else for a mediocre education. This is the cream of the crop!

The class has been super helpful and knowledgeable. All of the Instructors have a very extensive background in physical fitness and talk about other things that they have learned over the last 30 years in this industry.  I’ve really enjoyed the course and look forward to taking more courses with NPTI.

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