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Course was very well taught with thorough explanations. The instructors were very thoughtful, welcoming and understanding especially amid the pandemic. I highly advise anyone considering becoming a personal trainer to take this course. Special shout out to Barry, “You’re Awesome Sir!”

After 25 years of being an administrative assistant, I decided to make a career change to help people achieve their health and wellness goals by becoming a personal trainer.  Deciding to attend The National Personal Training Institute of Philadelphia, was absolutely best decision to help me achieve my goal.  Their hands-on approach and practical learning to reinforce the text was amazing. Barry Fritz along with Dan Bowen, not to mention former NPTI Graduates who came in to share their experiences and expertise, made learning fun and showed the potential future we had after we graduated.  My experience at NPTI has to be one of the best experiences I ever had and highly recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a personal trainer.

Today, it’s much easier to become a personal trainer, than it is to be a personal trainer. With most certifications, it’s enough to briefly memorize test questions in order to pass the test and get certified. What these tests don’t give you, is practical, hands-on experience in the field you will be working on. You might be qualified on paper to attempt to help people achieve their fitness goals, but honestly, how prepared will you be to actually do that in a real world setting?

If you want to learn how to actually be a personal trainer, in my opinion, there’s no better place in the world to learn how to do that than NPTI in Philadelphia. While there you will learn anatomy in a practical and applicable way that directly relates to how you will be training people wherever you end up. You will have the confidence that only hundreds of hours of classroom, and hands-on, in-the-gym training of people of all walks of life, abilities, aspirations, and limitations can bring you. You will quickly learn that the diversity of your clients, and the continual challenge of meeting each individuals set of circumstances, is what makes this such an engaging and rewarding profession.

You will be learning from the absolute best instructor I’ve personally ever had, Barry Fritz. In all of my years of academic study, which includes 2 universities, I’ve never learned more from any single individual than Barry. He’s an absolute treasure of a human being and I’m privileged to call him a mentor and honored to call him a friend. Besides Barry, there is an absolute all-star cast of instructors to learn from during your time there, and if you apply yourself and learn from all of them, there’s no way you won’t succeed.

Make the call. Go to the open house. Don’t be fooled by the gym in which the classroom is located. It may not look like much from the outside, but there is a goldmine within. Good luck on your journey.

Attending NPTI Philly is hands down the greatest decision I could have made to kick start my future as a trainer, coach and athlete! The instructors are exceedingly knowledgeable and are ALWAYS willing to spend extra time with each student. Upon graduating I made connection to get an internship program which led me into starting my very own online personal training business! NPTI gave me the tools I needed to take control of my life and help others achieve their fitness goals as well!

NPTI was a great experience. Barry Fritz is by far the “Godfather”  of personal training and physical fitness. I have been a strength and conditioning/agility coach for youth football for 10 years. I must admit since being an athlete in high school and Division I college football player, I had an ego prior to attending NPTI. I was a tad bit skeptical of what more I could possibly learn that I don’t already know. Well, NPTI 100% deflated my ego!

I am so grateful for my experience at NPTI. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and experienced in health and fitness. While a student, I was confident and skilled enough to start my own personal training business, build my brand BeautiFitStrong and utilize my skills to give back to my community. Because of the hands on training in the gym and interactive classroom lessons I was able to learn and master training skills. I currently have a full book of clients servicing mostly women who want to change body composition. I also train small groups of teenage girls at the Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Center and I’m launching BeautiFitStrong Camp for girls in the summer. NPTI gave me the confidence and ability to not just become a trainer but to build a successful business.

Hello, my name is Karl Safran and I am the owner and operator of No Bull Training in Huntingdon Valley. I have been a guest lecturer at NPTI in Philadelphia for the past 7 years. I personally attended NPTI on a whim to see what it would be like, and the day I met Barry Fritz I knew exactly what I wanted to be. The school’s detailed, hands on approach, mixed with Barry’s amazing way of making the anatomy and physiology parts of the course easy to understand, sets up any student for success. I highly recommend NPTI to anyone, doesn’t matter the age. The school will open many doors and not only will you get into great shape while learning to become a trainer, but you will have the capability of helping others reach their full potential.

If your dream is to become a personal trainer, the National Personal Training Institute is the best school for you. Great teachers, great books, and you get a chance to practice with others. It was the best experience I ever had!

Barry is the best instructor you could ask for. NPTI Philadelphia offers a great learning environment. Graduating from this course means that you are a cut above the rest.

Fitness for me started young and just kept evolving. Once I graduated high school, I knew it was my passion. I did some research and attended an NPTI Open House. Once I heard the instructors speak, I knew right there that this was the school for me. What makes this school so great is how in depth it is. It can take a non-trainer, or trainer, to the next level, by giving you all of the necessary information to put you ahead in the industry. The main reason that I attended NPTI was because I didn’t believe that most trainers out there are qualified to be trainers, and I wanted to make sure that I am qualified. I am glad that I chose NPTI. NPTI has changed the way that I think about exercise and has taken me to the next level.

Best experience I’ve ever had! Hands on, great experienced instructors, and great location in a gym! You train with your classmates and learn with them. You learn in the gym and also get good enough time in the books/classroom learning anatomy and nutrition. Barry is the best instructor, filled with lots of knowledge. Ask for a open house visit or to sit in a class and check for yourself! You will not regret it!

This program definitely exceeded my expectations. The hands on training and practical assessments that you receive during the course set you up to become a diverse personal trainer. Barry is extremely knowledgeable and the school does a great job with bringing in prospective employers for their students.

If you want to become a Personal Trainer look no further. This is where it’s at, this is where you need to learn from! Barry is an amazing instructor. He is a wealth of knowledge and a great mentor as I continue my career. The rest of the teaching staff brings much added knowledge to your instruction. This will put you 10 years ahead of the rest. I graduated in 2011 and have been running my own gym ever since. If I had to do it all over again, I’d do it in a heartbeat! Thanks Barry for helping me get my start!

The class is awesome and I really appreciate that there are multiple sessions during different times of the day and year. Every time you go to class you’re guaranteed to learn something new and valuable to any application you have outside of the class. You train with and learn with classmates so it’s a lot of fun and there’s not a dull day of class. I thought that I knew a lot about the body and how people moved already- taking the class definitely proved me wrong. For anyone who may or may not want to be a trainer, this is a great place to learn and is worth the time and money.

I personally needed the “hands on” training that was offered. The course content was great. Instructors; awesome. This is so much more than reading a book and taking a test. You really learned how a body works and how to design protocols for all types of potential (future) clients. I have recommended the school to friends and associates. Outstanding!

I couldn’t ask for a better experience. The knowledge gained, like minded peers, and having an awesome teacher like Barry made everything worth it. It’s probably one of the few times I can say I enjoyed being a student

What can I say….loved it! Fantastic school with great instructors. If you’re on the fence get off and enroll! I’m not the best of students but when I asked for help they stepped up and gave the extra help which aided my success in this school. No disappointments

I always loved fitness and NPTI took my skills and made them so much more than I ever expected. It taught me so much not only about actual exercise, but anatomy and physiology of the body. Great class and an even better teacher. You won’t regret it!

NPTI was one of the best choices of my life! Truly was the first time I enjoyed going to school and never wanted to miss a day! The hands on experience you get is awesome, it was great learning things in the classroom and then getting to go right out in the gym & apply it. Barry was such an amazing teacher & has so much knowledge! If you’re thinking of becoming a PT, NPTI is the best place to do it!

Attending NPTI was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The education is top notch and what you learn is very applicable when you take a training job. The instructors, Barry, Matt & Dan are great, make things easy to understand, and ensure you get hands on practice with the exercises and equipment they introduce you to!

Absolutely loved NPTI, Barry is an amazing instructor full of knowledge and always willing to help you. Great hands on experience in the gym, you get to train with your classmates. I was sad when school ended. I’d definitely recommend NPTI Philadelphia.

I learned more at NPTI in the ‘hands on’ six month program than any online certification could ever offer. It was one of the greatest educational experiences of my life. The instructors are the best at what they do and will go to any length to ensure the success of their students!

Going to NPTI was the smartest decision I ever made. Barry is an incredible instructor and so is everyone else that he has you meet. I learned a great deal of information that helped start my career. There is no better education to become a personal trainer then at NPTI

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