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Welcome to the National Personal Training Institute of Pittsburgh where you can become a personal trainer and get quality professional development through hands on experience in the gym. At the National Personal Training Institute in Pittsburgh, PA, we will help you build your body and personal training skills while showing you how to build your business as a professional personal training instructor.

510 Hour Personal Training Diploma

The NPTI Personal Training Certification Program is a 510-hour (6 month or 12 month) course geared for the ambitious student that seeks to make an impact in their own life, and the lives of others. The course provides 300 in-person classroom hours, and 210 lab hours of actual hands-on experience. This is a full immersion course; it is a results driven program that will give you the foundation you need to be successful, knowledgeable, and ready for a flourishing career in the fitness world. Get ready for an unforgettable experience.

You will be learning from highly skilled and supportive personal fitness training instructors that have years of real-world experience in a wide variety of fitness settings. Over the course of the six-month program you’ll be taught new exercises and exercise techniques in structured workouts designed and overseen by National Personal Training Institute staff members.

In addition, you will learn to designPersonal Trainers in Philadelphia and implement a wide variety of exercise programs based on real-world case scenarios as well as how to incorporate a variety of tools and techniques into your fitness programming. We cover all of the bases from human physiology, anatomy, nutrition and diet to all of the aspects of starting and running your personal fitness business.

The National Personal Training Institute has a class schedule to fit your life’s schedule with day, evening and weekend classes available.

Upon graduation, you will be set to start your career as a certified personal trainer with a diploma that is highly respected throughout the fitness and health industry. We can even provide job placement assistance to get you started on the right path to a successful and rewarding career. Get fit and get started in a new career where you help others achieve fitness and health with an education at the National Personal Training Institute in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Personal Training Program includes:

  • Daily lecture in a comfortable classroom setting
  • Daily hands-on application of material in our fitness facility
  • Gym membership
  • CPR/AED/First Aid seminar/training and Certificate
  • Personal Fitness Training Diploma (Lifelong)
  • Nutrition Certificate
  • Access to in-house guest lectures, seminars, networking events and gym partner field trips (Current students and alumni are always welcome to attend special NPTI events, even after graduation).

Our personal trainer job placement program is second to none and we continue to partner with you throughout your career. We have become known throughout Pennsylvania as the staple for creating the most successful personal trainers.


  • Our Diploma in Personal Training is considered by most as a higher and better qualification than a standard personal trainer certification
  • We are the oldest and largest personal training school in North America. You will be recognized across the world and not extremely localized like other colleges


Online Continuing Education (CEUs) that allow freedom of online, self-paced learning with interactive videos to enhance your learning experience.

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Pittsburgh, PA

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Email: [email protected]

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