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The level of instruction received at NPTI is superb.  Most PT’s get their credentials from an online course and really have no idea how to properly apply what they’ve learned into a real or practical situation.  At NPTI they give you the freedom to apply the science behind personal training and allow you to practice on real people so you can better fine tune your training skills.

The instructors at the school apply real world knowledge to their teachings and break down each subject to a T.  I learn so much about nutrition that I was able to modify my own training to match what information they were teaching. My results were amazing.  I performed like a champion and won my first national championship.  I can definitely credit NPTI San Diego and Nick Marion to some of that success.

If you care about being a great trainer and want to learn how to properly train your clients then this is the place.

The NPTI CPT program is well worth the time. This program has CHANGED my perspective of the personal training profession for the better. The lead instructor for the PM program brings over 20 years of industry experience to course. The course format of lecture and lab helps bring the information together.

I can’t say enough good things about this school. The instructors are top notch! Graduating from NPTI, I was light years ahead of the average trainer in Industry. Upon completing my CPT I immediately took a job at Crunch Fitness Serra Mesa. I went on to complete the health coach specialist course while building my clientele at Crunch. I quickly established a reputation for getting clients results and helping them achieve their goals. None of this would have been possible had it not been for the amazing instructors at NPTI who not only provided me with the essential knowledgebase but also encouraged me to continue to learn and grow as a trainer. Long story short, here I am a year-and-a-half later and I am general manager of Crunch Serra Mesa. If you are truly passionate about helping others through Fitness then I highly recommend the National Personal Training Institute. I can’t begin to describe how happy I am knowing that I am helping to change lives in my own little way.

I would HIGHLY recommend anyone looking for a top notch, professional school for Personal Training and the likes enroll at NPTI.  I tried another online certification and failed.  I now understand the importance of not only learning but applying the skills on a daily basis and this school does just that. Director Cathy and her awesome team made it easy for me to enroll and guide me through the processes.  My instructor Nick was patient and extremely knowledgeable.  I came to the school learning I suffered from Rheumatoid and Psoriatic arthritis and had been through two major surgeries one being a knee replacement all within a years time.  Through Nicks guidance and instruction I was slowly able to fix many of my own issues and regain the confidence I needed to become a Personal Trainer and as soon as I graduated Cathy and Nick put in a recommendation for me and I now have a JOB!  I am now enrolled in the continuing education programs and I can’t wait to learn more and share it with my amazing clients.  Thank you NPTI

I cannot rave about this place enough! I have tried to get my certification online and failed because I am a hands on learner. Coming to an actual class room setting and getting the chance to get hands on learning is a game changer for me! The staff is so helpful as well, the VA wasn’t able to cover my whole tuition fee but the staff assured me there were ways to work it out and make it easy for me to cover the rest. Nick is my instructor and he teaches beyond what is expected of him and sets the students up for success for the exam and for life after the class. This whole institution is here for all the right reasons and I am happy they are. Can’t wait to start my career as a personal trainer!

Hands down the best personal training instructor school where you can get the most bang for your buck. With over 25 years of combined experience from the two elite instructors, Dan and Adam present a powerful combination of textbook knowledge and real world experience to fill in any gaps the book lacks in. They have an amazing administration team that is organized and efficient. If you’re prior military Cathy, Matt and Sam take care off all your needs and help you with step by step instruction with all military paperwork and questions you may have.

The facilities are top notch with brand new state of the art workout equipment as well accommodations to help bring your experience to a 5 star rating such as:
* night and day classes to accommodate all schedules.
* multiple certified courses (HCS, CES, Yoga instructor, PES, CPT).
* Free membership to Crunch Fitness while enrolled.
* 4 bathrooms.
* a refrigerator for food storage and 3 microwaves for meal prepping.

I came in as a novice weightlifter knowing the basics about nutrition and exercise to an advanced and knowledgeable professional lifting double my bodyweight in all the big movement patterns and optimum nutrition meal prepping due to The NASM curriculum and hands on training provided by Dan and Adam. I highly recommend if you’re interested in these fields, NPTI is a must and overall great experience you can add to your arsenal that will give you a strategic advantage against the new wave of trainers into the fitness world.

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