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I really can’t put into words how grateful I am to have been apart of NPTI. The instructors, environment, and everything about the overall atmosphere is everything you need to grow in not only the fitness industry, but in life as well. I believe that surrounding yourself with like minded & driven individuals will help you accomplish your goals, and this school is exactly the place to do it. I’ve met some of the greatest people through this school and continue to feel inspired from seeing them on my social media.

I’ve moved to the East Coast since attending the school, but the memories I’ve made with everyone continue to push me to grow as a person. I started the course with intent to be a Personal Trainer, but I haven’t stopped there. My experience with Katie and the instructors have helped me continue my education and opened up so many opportunities.

For anyone curious about fitness or health, I highly recommend the course. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t wish I was still enrolled! It’s allowed me to incorporate important, scientific aspects of fitness and introduce it into my daily routine. Even if you don’t want to be a personal trainer, this school gives you the opportunity to grow as a person in fitness, health, and everything related.

This review is long overdue…
Upon realizing that it was time for me to change career trajectories in the Fall of 2018, I began doing research for personal training schools in Los Angeles, and NPTI resulted as a highly recommended center for learning. After checking out a few other establishments that offered CPT courses, I chose to enroll at NPTI. This decision was facilitated when I met the director of admissions, Katie Mandell who was warm, friendly, and informative about what the courses entailed and their affiliation with the NASM programs.

Although I was a novice in the field of fitness training, the instructor Christian Cianfrani and other more advanced students were excellent guides throughout the entire six months at NPTI. My level of knowledge pertaining anatomy, and the science behind exercise developed tremendously in a short span of time. In addition to the in class lectures, the students receive hands on training (with free membership) at the local fitness facilities near the school, and learn how to properly utilize the the varied equipment you may find at most gyms.

In the interest of furthering my knowledge base as a well rounded health and wellness guide, I continued my education at NPTI for their Weight Loss and Nutrition Specialist course. With the help of Kenny, another amazing instructor, I was able to obtain a certification for this interesting and informative course.

If you are serious about delving into the world of fitness and would like to help others as a wellness practitioner, this school offers exceptional programs that will build a strong foundation for your career in the field.

Making the decision to take the 6 month Yoga Teacher Training at NPTI was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Madeline is such an incredible teacher and so inspirational! She went through every detail of yoga and gave us such a great foundation of yoga knowledge that will be extremely beneficial in not only teaching but my own personal practice. Katie is a dream to work with in getting enrolled. I wish I could do another 6 months with everyone! Thanks Katie and Madeline!

National Personal Training Institute of California is an amazing and nurturing environment to begin your career in personal training, as well as to expand your knowledge and and career with the many offerings of fitness certifications.

The the delivery of instruction and classroom environment has the student at its heart center. Over the past few years, I’ve been able to take the knowledge that I’ve gained from my time with NPTI and apply it to my own fitness journey, and now have the tools and experience to help others.

If you are looking to join the ranks in a bustling fitness industry, take that next step and find your nearest NPTI location to get started!

I took the 6-month YTT. Doing yoga for 6 months in a small (6 person) class was profoundly different than attending a yoga class. Exponentially better. If you want to teach yoga or just have a much deeper understanding and perform poses knowing the postures in much more detail, then this is a great place to go. I had a great teacher Madeleine and a wonderful program manager. Oh, did I forget to mention it’s in the amazing Santa Monica, just next to one of the most amazing places, Venice Beach. I learned so much more in the 6 months than I did in my whole time practicing in yoga studios. All the fine details are covered.

I’m currently taking the CPT course and love absolutely everything about it. I’m attending the morning Mon-Thu AM course.The director, Katie, is the kindest person, extremely available and offers constant support. Our coach, Kenny, comes with a great background and so much experience to share.
We interact constantly, it’s not a one way kind of setting. We get to share knowledge and experience and learn from each other. There are lectures and tests, as well as getting up and moving around, warming up, getting outside in the sun. We hit the gym after lunch and get workouts in together. We learn so many new things everyday, yet it doesn’t feel overwhelming as it’s taught in such a way that it doesn’t feel like a task to complete at all.
It’s a wonderful environment to be in, I look forward to class every day and on the weekends, I look forward to Mondays so that I can go back to learning! It feels like being in a big family, we are all there to support and grow with one another.
I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking into getting the best in class and hands-on at the gym type of training.
I moved out to LA, from Italy, to take this course, and can assure it has been totally worth it.

When I was looking for a personal training school I encountered this school through Google. As soon as I sent out my inquiry Katie immediately contacted me and invited me over. Before that day came a former tenant of my Mom called up and spoke with my Mom. He mentioned NPTI as the best school. For someone who is new to this state, that is two good points in favor of NPTI.
When I finally came over, I saw how near to the Santa Monica Beach this was. Then I walked through the 3rd Street Promenade, I was wowed by everything I saw. I then proceeded to the school and was met by the statuesque school director, Katie. She immediately made me feel welcome and at home.
The rest is history.

This program has completely changed my perspective on fitness for the better. If you are seeking to become a successful trainer and stand out from others trainers, THIS IS THE PLACE! NPTI is the birth place for excellent trainers and exceeded all my expectations. I am more confident in the gym and feel prepared to take on clients.

I am so pleased to write a review on the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) in Santa Monica, CA. Upon deciding to learn a new career (at the age of 73), I felt fear and trepidation. I needed a school that would not only have a great curriculum, but would be accommodating and welcoming. I found NPTI and could not be more pleased. They surpassed my expectations! The curriculum is spot on, the learning environment is so much fun, very comfortable and accommodating. In just the first month, the information you learn is immeasurable. The Coach is a very knowledgeable makes learning so much fun you forget you’re in school! I love this place, I even go in an hour early every day.

The main thing I can say about NPTI is that not only did I learn so much from the course itself but what I gained most is from the environment of the class itself. The students are engaged, my teacher brings energy and enthusiasm that is very much appreciated and has 10 years of training knowledge that he offers and to top it all off he had experience training Olympians. I have also learned life skills that will carry me through any part of life not just fitness.

The NPTI program far exceeded my expectations! Christian really made sure we understood the science and goals of personal training, beyond just memorizing information to pass a test.
With the practical labs in training and assessing our classmates, as well as the actual physical application of movement as we went along in the chapters, I understand personal training on a whole new level and I am excited to help others as well.
The NPTI, NASM CPT and CES classes created a clarity that self study couldn’t.

NPTI has been an outstanding experience. It’s really one of those hidden gems that only those who are passionate will discover. The instructor is the best of the best, he really knows his craft, funny guy too always keeping students engaged and in check when it comes to knowledge. The lovely woman in charge is such a humble sweet human. She really keeps everything in smooth working order, understands that life happens and keeps the atmosphere full of good vibes, sometimes surprises us with scrumptious healthy food. Thanks. The students are now long time friends that I have been honored to have this 6 month long experience with have all been super supportive and nice. You will learn a lot here and practice it at the gym. I will say I am a lot more open minded about working out. It’s not always about going beast mode, got to be open about the other neglected stuff. It’s really a chill relax school. It’s an amazing location, right by the beach. It was cool that I did this course during the summer. If you served in the U.S. Armed forces, this place is veteran friendly. They also have continuing education courses which I plan on doing all of them if I can. Here’s to you , if you have the passion for health and wellness. Thanks NPTI, happy to say you’re part of my fam.

I just finished the 6 month CPT program with Christian Cianfrani. The class was engaging and very informative. I felt that I was ready for the real test and took it as soon as I could after graduating. I’ve enjoyed the class so much that I’m now enrolled in the CES program also with Christian at NPTI.

Speaking as someone who just graduated I can full-heartedly say I LOVE NPTI! Christian and Katie are the absolute best. Christian is the most passionate, dedicated, go above-and-beyond instructor I’ve had in my years of education. I can’t tell you how much of his own time he used to help all of us and make sure we understood what we we learning. Not to mention how much of his personal time off work (I mean HOURS) to type up study guides for us, type extensive recap emails, and time spent talking us during the breaks & before/after/in-between class. Also, I have never felt more supported in a school environment than I have here. Being a 22 year old single mom raising a 1.5 year old by myself being supported by Christian, the *beyond incredible* director Katie, and the amazing group of other students that there were, they all made my graduation possible. So if anyone is considering whether or not to go here I can already tell you your answer.. what are you waiting for!?

I am a recent graduate of the Certified Personal Trainer course and Christian Cianfrani was our instructor. I felt the program far exceeded my expectations, the staff was incredibly professional and I feel totally prepared to pass the NASM test. Christian was extremely knowledgeable and went above & beyond to ensure we grasped all concepts. I’m now enrolled in PES and looking forward to another awesome & fun experience! NPTI rocks.

Being a working single parent tends to make achieving personal goals for yourself a bit harder than most but not impossible. I’m currently enrolled for the Personal Training certificate program and I must say I give this institute a standing ovation because not only do they have the flexibility to accommodate different schedules ,but go out of their way to work with you ,the staff is great :(Katie) really shows interest in what they can do for the student, As well as our instructor (Christian) Makes the class very enjoyable as well as being attentive and making the class fun while actually learning hands on. I Recommend NPTI 100% as for myself I plan to come back and also complete the Corrective exercise program . 🙂

I am currently a student here who transferred from the Vista class using my GI Bill. Katie the director of the Santa Monica school was so helpful in my transition. Christian our teacher is really passionate about fitness. I take the evening class and Christian is able to keep us focused after a long day with his animated humor and involving us in his lectures.

I have been looking for a classroom setting personal training school for quite some and during my research I came across NPTI. I decided to check it out and take a tour and I immediately felt that this is where I belong. Everyone was so helpful with all of the information provided especially Katie Mandell our director of admissions. She is really sweet and very understanding! I have been attending class since July and I have already learned so much from my instructor Christian Cianfrani! He is very knowledgeable and definitely keeps the class interesting and the best part is the lab (the gym) the workouts are awesome. I definitely made the right choice! Oh and the location is lovely everything is there!!

I have been attending NPTI since July and I must admit I have learned a great deal about fitness training in just the past two and half months. The course is designed to teach students about the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) which is “the industry’s first evidence-based training system founded on the scientific rationale of human movement science”. My goal prior to enrolling into NPTI was to learn about fitness training in general and of course to improve my own health. As someone already in his 50’s I did not see a great future as a personal fitness trainer but the more I learned about fitness training the more I see the opportunities for anyone with a desire to help others achieve their goals. I really enjoy the combination of the class instruction by a very knowledgeable instructor along with the hands-on training experience in their state of the art gym located in the heart of the city of Santa Monica. The admissions staff was and has been very helpful in helping me with the registration process as I used my post 9-11 GI bill benefits. I am so glad I am on my way to becoming a certified personal fitness instructor.

A clear advantage I think I’ve gained from attending NPTI is the hands on training and experience they offer over JUST a certification. Training other students in the course and getting to talk to a live person really made a difference in my training career. It’s clear, concise, and offers up to date science on personal training. Opinions may differ on the approach taken but it’s great to defend your position against other fitness oriented people. Working through the very basics of business management. All the way to the complicated CNS, PNS, & ENS and their application to personal training. It was a very enjoyable experience taking every certification they offer. I couldn’t be more pleased, with their training I took the Equinox Tier 2 fast track test and am ahead of the game.

I’ve spent the last 15 months getting all my certifications through NPTI SM and am finishing up with my certified yoga instructor training. NPTI offers CPT (certified personal trainer), CES (corrective exercise specialist), PES (performance enhancement specialist) and health coach/nutrition specialist training. The Yoga facilitator, Tiffany is truly dedicated in producing the very best yogis possible with this amazing 500 hour course. Gaining the knowledge from all the facilitators here at NPTI has given me the confidence to go out on my own to train/teach. Along with the knowledge, I have gained many new friends with fellow students and teachers.

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