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NPTI was the best decision I’ve made yet career wise, other than coming to Chicago. The program is so exciting and easy to understand. It will pass you by if you don’t want it, it is a lot of information.
I quite honestly am biased because I think I got the best instructor NPTI has. Annette is the instructor you want for this program. Her class is thorough and really she just makes it so exciting. It took my dream of just wanting to do something, something I may enjoy and made it a 6 figure small business doing independent training.

Personal training is something I wanted. NPTI gave me a strong platform for success in a competitive Chicago market.

NPTI gave me hands on experience in the Personal Training field that you cannot get from an online certificate. They are reputable Coaches/Trainers turned teachers that guide through workouts, programs, nutrition, anatomy, and everything else involving the ever evolving Personal Training Field. Flexible class sessions and an affordable installment payment plan helped me achieve my certificate and set me up for success. Wooo!

I had a very positive experience at NPTI.  The instruction I received set me up for an immediate career in the fitness industry.  My instructor, Tracy Stone, was incredibly thorough, knowledgeable and always willing to take the extra time to help you understand challenging concepts.  I also greatly appreciated the field trips we took to different types of facilities to expose us to different opportunities within the fitness industry.  I’m grateful for my time at NPTI and would recommend it to anyone.

I had a great experience at the NPTI. I learned a lot about the study of how the body moves and functions, as well as learning about nutrition. A lot of hands on training. It is an awesome school because your school is the gym. I met a lot of good friends there. Everybody helped each other learn, so that was a plus as well. The teacher Annette Ryan really knows what she is talking about. She is an excellent teacher and a really good person. Going to The NPTI was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am now a graduate and am continuing to learn, grow and refine my craft everyday.

I am sixty years old and successfully retired from a multi location auto repair and tire business that I handed off to my son. Being in fitness all my life I decided to go to school and really learn the right way. Luckily, I had Annette in Chicago as my teacher. After graduating from the National Personal Training Institute, I decided to open a personal training gym in Northbrook, IL. At first my goal was just to deal with people my age. I felt they could better connect with someone their own age and the fear of getting hurt would be lessened. After spending a lot of time with the other classmates who are younger than my kids, I bonded with three of them. I created an opportunity, with Annette’s help, to bring us all together. My business, A Body with HEART, only employs National Personal Training Institute graduates! Check us out:

NPTI lived up to all my expectations and more! We were taught the most up-to-date information and hands on training to be a personal trainer. Annette was an amazing, knowledgeable teacher that really cared about us as future PT’s. The people, gym and overall experience was a 5 star rating.

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