A community that prioritize fitness, health, and wellness within their lives.

The National Personal Training Institute is a community of alumni, gym partners, trainers, coaches, or parents that see fitness, health and wellness education as being paramount within their lives.

  • Partner with the National Personal Training Institute and distinguish your gym as having an educational standard.
  • Continue your professional development with our Workshops, Continuing Education Units, or Memberships to keep you informed, cutting edge, and gain a distinct advantage to be successful in this industry or your life.
  • Join our social media forums for fitness, health and wellness tips, along with  CEU, Membership and Workshop offerings

After you get certified online from the NationalPTI.edu – or any other Degree or Certification – we will help you find your practical hands-on externship within a gym or trainer of your choice!  Join our community of like-minded individuals and let us be part of your continued professional or self-development needed to shine in this industry.

Register for a workshop on-line at: https://elearning.nationalpti.org/


The National Personal Training Institute offers Continued Education Units (CEUs) to expand your knowledge in the fitness, health, and wellness industries. These CEUs will keep you, as a trainer/coach/athlete/parent, up to date in assuring optimal performance and health.  All CEUs will allow freedom of online, self-paced learning with interactive videos to enhance your learning experience or find live workshops in your area.

Go to elearning.nationalpti.org for more information on Workshops, CEUs, or Memberships for your continued professional development.

Please contact Kellie Lynch for more information about what the state of Rhode Island has to offer.

Contact Information

Kellie Lynch BS, NPTI

Director | (928)-699-0882 | [email protected]

Brooke Lynch

Director | (785)-342-4279 | [email protected]

Kristen Cooper NASM CPT, CES

Director | (503)-757-3563 | [email protected]

Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Locations in, RI

Phone: (928) 699-0882
Phone: (503) 757-3563

Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

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