At the National Personal Training Institute, our personal training courses are designed to create a solid foundation in all aspects of becoming a highly skilled personal trainer. For example, we spend a significant number of hours working with students on strength training program design. This is highly integrated with personal training classes such as health screening, as well as cardio and respiratory fitness. These in turn reflect and build upon the significant hours of training in nutrition, muscular training and fitness, human anatomy and physiology.

Our mission at the National Personal Training Institute has been to create a program that prepares you to be an effective communicator, teacher and business person as well as being physically and mentally prepared for a career as a personal trainer. That’s why personal training classes in Communication and Teaching, Adherence and Motivation as well as Fitness Center Etiquette key ingredients in your education.

We want you to be successful as a business person in the burgeoning personal training industry, so we provide personal training classes in Legal Guidelines and Business Management, Advertising and Marketing along with Fitness Center Sales and Marketing. This gives you a strong foundation for starting your own business or working for a fitness, health, or recreation organization or institution. By creating comprehensive personal training courses, we prove that your success as a professional personal trainer is our highest priority.

Personal Training Diploma Course Hours
Legal Guidelines & Business Management 8
Health Screening & Fitness 8
Cardio Respiratory Fitness 24
Muscular Strength & Endurance 3
Strength Training Program Design 145
Communication & Teaching 2
Flexibility & Stretching 6
Human Anatomy & Physiology 100
Nutrition 100
Musculoskeletal Injuries, Emergency Procedures & Injury Rehab 10
Personal Training Advertising & Marketing 2
Adherence & Motivation 3
Fitness Center Etiquette 3
Fitness Director Position 2
Fitness Center Sales & Marketing 3
Fitness Sales and Marketing 4
Special Health Concerns 2
CPR & First Aid *In-Person Locations Only 5
Current Events 3
Final Review & Test (Theory) 9
Final Review & Test (Practical) 8
Partner Practical Simulation 50
Total Hours 500

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