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Personal Training Certification. Hands on learning.Welcome to the National Personal Training Institute where you can become a personal trainer and get quality professional development through virtual learning and hands on experience. At the National Personal Training Institute, we will help you build your body and personal training skills while showing you how to build your business as a professional personal training instructor.

We proudly offer the most advanced, state-of the art education for aspiring exercise professionals, wellness coaches, and exercise physiologists. All of our courses are taught live virtually with your instructors and classmates and are thoughtfully crafted to provide the most comprehensive and well-rounded education and training. This is real-world, hands-on learning. Prior experience is not necessary, and we welcome all students with a wide variety of goals and aspirations. Graduates are awarded with a highly regarded, lifelong Diploma in honor of their extensive achievements and new found expertise. Join our community of fitness professionals and be a part of the NationalPTI family as you pursue a rewarding career in the fitness world.

Why choose The National Personal Training Institute?

  • We are the oldest and largest personal training school in North America. You will be recognized across the world and not localized like other colleges. 
  • We believe that you can not be a personal trainer without hands-on training.
  • NationalPTI Diploma is better than a standard personal trainer certification. Graduates receive a licensed diploma that is good for life. No continual CEU upkeep. 
  • Employers actively seek and hire graduates due to the credibility of the program. 
  • Interactive learning with live teacher instruction and interaction with other students.
  • Best course in the country and the only course where you will get in the best shape of your life.
  • The best way to make this your career is to go to an actual school where you have the best trainers mentoring you. 
  • 6 Months of hands-on training every class day. 
  • Classes start every 6 weeks.
  • High demand for trainers and lifetime job placement assistance. 

Achieve Your Personal Trainer Certification in Las Vegas, NV

Welcome to the National Personal Training Institute. We provide the best state-of-the-art education for people who are interested in how to become a personal trainer. We help individuals to achieve their personal trainer certification.

Take the first step to starting your fitness career so you can make an impact on your own life and the lives of other people.

Discover the Benefits of Joining Our Personal Trainer Certification Program

There are many advantages of enrolling in our Las Vegas personal training school. We offer quality professional development through online virtual learning and real-world, hands-on experience. We motivate you to strengthen your body and hone your personal training skills. You will learn to build and establish your business as a personal training instructor. We award our graduates who have successfully learned how to become personal trainers a diploma in recognition of their newfound expertise and educational attainment.

Become a part of our NationalPTI family in Las Vegas to belong to the fitness community. Start pursuing your personal trainer certification to begin your exciting, fulfilling profession in the fitness world.

personal trainer certification in las vegas

500 Hour Personal Training Diploma

how to become a personal trainer in las vegas
The National Personal Training Certification Program is a 500-hour virtual course geared for the ambitious student that seeks to make an impact in their own life, and the lives of others.

You will be learning from highly skilled and supportive personal fitness training instructors that have years of real-world experience in a wide variety of fitness settings. Over the course of the personal training certification program, you’ll be taught new exercises and exercise techniques in structured workouts designed and overseen by National Personal Training Institute staff members.

In addition, you will learn to design and implement a wide variety of exercise programs based on real-world case scenarios as well as how to incorporate a variety of tools and techniques into your fitness programming. We cover all of the bases from human physiology, anatomy, nutrition and diet to all of the aspects of starting and running your personal fitness business.

The National Personal Training Institute has a class schedule to fit your life’s schedule with day, evening and weekend classes available.

Upon graduation, you will be set to start your career as a certified personal trainer with a diploma that is highly respected throughout the fitness and health industry. We can even provide job placement assistance to get you started on the right path to a successful and rewarding career. Our personal trainer job placement program is second to none and we continue to partner with you throughout your career. We have become known as the staple for creating the most successful personal trainers. Get fit and get started in a new career where you help others achieve fitness and health with an education at the National Personal Training Institute.

The Personal Training Program includes:

  • Daily lecture in the comfort of your home or wherever you can access the internet
  • Daily hands-on application of material with your instructor and classmates
  • Study Materials
  • Personal Fitness Training Diploma (Lifelong)
  • Nutrition Certificate
  • Prospective students can enroll in July, August, October, December, January, February, April, and June

Become a Personal Trainer Through Our Program

The National Personal Training Certification Program in Las Vegas is a 500-hour virtual course that comprehensively teaches you how to become a personal trainer.

Our Personal Training Program is inclusive of the following:

  • Daily online lecture which you can access anytime, anywhere
  • Regular hands-on application of educational information with your instructors and classmates
  • Availability of relevant study materials
  • Option to enroll in the program in July, August, October, December, January, February, April, and June
  • Nutrition Certificate
  • Lifelong Personal Fitness Training Diploma

Find out what you can learn from our Las Vegas program. Our personal fitness training instructors who facilitate the classes are exceptionally skilled and supportive. They have years of experience in a wide range of fitness settings. Students like you will be taught new exercises, fitness techniques, and structured workouts which are designed and managed by our NationalPTI staff members. You will be trained on how to design and implement various types of exercise programs based on real-world case scenarios.

We prepare you to jumpstart your career in the fitness field by teaching you how to become a personal trainer in all aspects. Once you graduate from our personal training school in Las Vegas, you will gain a diploma that is widely recognized and highly respected in the fitness and health industry.

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The National Personal Training Institute of Las Vegas, NV is the best choice for aspiring fitness professionals like you who wish to attain official personal trainer certification.

We Offer:

Flexible Schedules: You can tailor your class schedule to fit your lifestyle. Day, evening, and weekend classes are available for your convenience.

In-Person & Online Courses: You can take advantage of a combination of real-life and virtual classes to get the best of both worlds. Online classes can expand your theoretical knowledge, while hands-on applications will hone your practical skills.

Job Placement Assistance: We provide you with job placement assistance so you can find your dream job as a fitness professional. We continue to partner with you even after you graduate so you can have a rewarding career in the fitness industry.


Contact us if you are determined to discover how to become a personal trainer in Nevada. Call us at 1(800)960-6294 or send us a message at [email protected].

Connect with us if you are interested in gaining personal training certification in Portland, or other areas in the U.S.


Online Personal Training Continuing Education (CEUs) that allow freedom of online, self-paced learning with interactive videos to enhance your learning experience.

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