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Where Experienced and Future Fitness Professionals Come to get Hands-On Education that is Cutting Edge and NOT the Status Quo!

Welcome to the National Personal Training Institute of Wisconsin where you can get a world class certification through our state licensed, hands-on and practical CPT and Level II Integration course. Our students step into the gym with confidence! Whether they are on the path to a better version of themselves, changing the lives of others, or wanting to be at the top of their game in their Fitness Career; we provide the opportunity for education, transformation, and confidence for all by offering our Online CPT and Level II Integration Certifications.

Certification Highlights:

    • Hands-on course
    • Meaningful and Relatable – not just a textbook
    • Find your authentic voice, by adapting lessons into your previous experience and education
    • Real-world application
    • Mentorship and Connections
    • Regular instructor support
    • With our interactive on-line CPT, you will take your final exam with an instructor live online
    • You will not sit for your test until you are ready, under the guidance of your instructor
    • Free final retake, if needed
    • At home testing or at any facility that you prefer
    • Business tips and education for success
    • Accommodates all learning styles
    • Only exam that has a personal relationship between student and teacher
    • Changing the parameters of online education by being the only exam in the world where your exam will be taken in a practical manner

The National Personal Training Institute is a community of alumni, gym partners, trainers, coaches, and individuals that see fitness, health and wellness education as being paramount within their lives.

Join Us ~ Become NationalPTI ~ BE GREAT!

  • Continue your professional development with our Workshops, Continuing Education Units, or Memberships to keep you informed, cutting edge, and gain a distinct advantage to be successful in this industry and your own life.

We are excited to meet you and welcome you into the community personally! Register now for the online CPT.  Click on the image below:

Step 1:

Click the link above and register for your class.

Step 2:

Reach out to our Academic Advisor, Tina Manacchio, and let her know which class you signed up for so that they can assist in making your journey a personal and successful one.

Step 3:

Have a blast, join our online community on Facebook, and Instagram, check out the rest of our educational website, and find joy in knowing you have a direct link to Health, Wellness, and Fitness Leaders world-wide.


Tina Manacchio: Academic Advisor

[email protected]

Jennifer Prater: Admin/Instructor

[email protected]

Arik Wiest: Instructor/Business Opportunities

[email protected]



After you get CPT certified online from the National Personal Training Institute CPT Certification Program, or any other Exercise Science Degree – we will help you find your practical hands-on externship within a gym or trainer of your choice!  You have the knowledge now come get the hands-on mastering of movement, kinesiology, and programming through our Level II Integration Course.

We also offer phenomenal hands-on workshops that will boost your confidence and give you the competitive edge needed in the industry, online Continuing Education (CEUs) that allow freedom of online, self-paced learning with interactive videos to enhance your learning experience, and memberships that will support you through your entire career and/or healthy life journey.

Join our community of like-minded individuals and let us be part of your continued professional or self-development needed to shine in this industry.


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