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by Liz Bowen

Earn revenue. Enjoy discounts. And help your clients perform better than ever.

Exciting news! InsideTracker has partnered with the National Personal Training Institute to offer easy, convenient, and secure blood biomarker analysis that can be used with your clients to enhance your training protocols.
As a trainer, you know the value of using data to inform nutrition and training. With InsideTracker, you’ll get quick and convenient access to the truest of measures, blood data, and markers that truly impact wellness and performance (think Ferritin, Vitamin D), along with science-backed recommendations to take action on the results. InsideTracker has purpose built a program called InsideTracker Pro for trainers like you!

Why InsideTracker

  • Simpler, cheaper, and more convenient than traditional blood tests
  • Other blood tests don’t include biomarkers that are key to performance (e.g. ferritin, vitamin d); InsideTracker does
  • Traditional tests give you normal ranges. InsideTracker creates personalized optimal zones for peak performance
  • We don’t just give you data, we provide you with nutrition and lifestyle tips to take action 
  • Purchase multiple tests to measure progress throughout the year
  • Secure, online access to your client’s results, as long as your client grants you permission

What Pros get:

  • 50% off personal discount so you can experience InsideTracker firsthand
  • 25% discount code to share with your clients 
  • 10% in affiliate revenue on every order your clients place using your code
  • Access to the Pro Resource Center (marketing and training materials)
  • Personal Coach Dashboard for secure, online access to your client’s InsideTracker results + recommendations.

To learn more, book a time with Alex Pisacane on the InsideTracker team: 30 or 60 min meeting or visit to join.

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