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How To Overcome Workout Obstacles

Working out is something we all have struggled with from time to time. If we’re too tired, or “don’t have enough time” we simply run through our heads the millions of excuses to try and make ourselves feel better.  You … Continued

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Eating Healthy on the Weekends

When it comes to a lifestyle change, such as exercising and eating healthier, we are faced with a major dilemma… the weekends. During the week it tends to be easier to stick to a healthy regime and routine, but once … Continued

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Foods To Help You Lose Weight

The foundation for successful weight loss is eating well and exercising. Americans spend about thirty billion a year on slim-down products, many of which many don’t even work. New research points to many foods—from beans to beef that can help … Continued

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Why Everyone Should Do Weight Training

There are a lot of myths across the fitness world about weight training, such as that the quality of exercise is not as good as aerobic training is. Truth is that if done properly you should combine strength-training, aerobics and … Continued

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Common Exercise Mistakes

It is not uncommon for people who exercise in or outside health clubs to not know how to use exercise equipment properly, or even safely. Whether you’re a veteran or novice at exercising, it is very important that you get … Continued

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Understanding Exercise-Induced Weight Gain

It is common knowledge that exercise burns calories and helps you to shed extra pounds. Armed with this knowledge, many people think that losing weight should be easy with enough exercise. You may take this as bad news, but the … Continued

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Two Exercises For Toned Abs

In the United States, having a six-pack is all the rage—and the same can be said about the world! For most people, they salivate over the tight abs they see celebrities and models have in the media.  The majority of … Continued

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