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by Casey McIlvaine

Train Under An Hour

You should be keeping whatever program you are doing to no more than one hour.  You should also make sure that you are centering
on maintaining the force high, as opposed to making the workout drag on. There have been a numerous amount of studies on how bad things may happen to your hormonal state if you are training for over an hour. Also, when trying to gain weight, you would want to work out harder rather than longer.

Make Eating A Habit

To gain weight you need to focus on making your meals a habit rather than an afterthought. Your body is pre-programmed with your genetic disposition. Also, if you have a very fast metabolism that digests and burns calories quickly, you will need to consume more meals.

So even though you may limit yourself to the average of three meals a day (even if they may be high calorie meals) your body is going to burn through these very quickly.  You should focus on having five to six meals a day spaced two to three hours apart so that your body is
constantly being provided with something to metabolize and build muscle. Eating is one of the best ways to build muscle fast and accounts for nearly three thirds of body building achievement.

Take It Easy

Learn to relax more and try limiting any strenuous activity outside of the gym as much as possible so that when you are in the gym you have the energy to put forth to good use.  Rest is best and often one of the forgotten ways to build muscle fast in between strenuous workouts.

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