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by Casey McIlvaine

With advancements in modern technology, our lives have become very sedentary, especially in comparison to our parents or grandparents lives. The decrease in physically active is a major factor in the widespread weight gain and increases the risk of developing chronic diseases. While regular physical activity is the best way to receive the health benefits of physical activity, finding the time in a busy schedule for a lengthy workout might be impossible to do. If you can’t find the time to get to the gym, adding brief periods of physical activity throughout your day provides numerous health benefits. The more physical activity in your day, the better! We’ve put together fun and easy ways to sneak extra movement into your day.images

1. Skip the elevator and take the steps, as much as possible.
2. Combine two activities like squatting while brushing your teeth or calves raises while chatting on the phone.
3. Use a standing desk or make time to frequently stand throughout the day.
4. Do planks or sit up during TV commercial breaks.
5. Park further away from your destination.
6. Plan a walking meeting.
7. Whenever possible, perform your errands by walking or riding a bike.
8. Get off the bus or subway at the stop before yours.
9. Hide the remote and change the channel the old-fashioned way.
10. Do standing push-ups while waiting for your food to cook.
11. Make physical activity part of your commute to work, if possible.
12. Take your dog for a walk or play a game of catch, instead of letting them out in the yard.
13. Stretch after every time you use the bathroom.
14. Instead of emailing or calling a colleague walk to their office.
15. Sweep or vacuum your floors, front walk or patio every day.
16. Avoid going through drive-thrus, park your car and walk in.
17. Instead of shopping online, hit the stores.
18. Put on music and dance while doing housework.
19. Instead of using the nearest bathroom, use one that requires a little bit of walk, preferably up or down stairs.
20. Keep sneakers in your car and take advantage of any opportunities to go on a walk.

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