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by Casey McIlvaine

There are a lot of myths across the fitness world about weight training, such as that the quality of exercise is not as good as aerobic training is.

Truth is that if done properly you should combine strength-training, aerobics and maybe even some yoga to stretch/strengthen your whole body. Weight training infused with aerobics a few times a week is a good balance that will bring your body to its most efficient state. This will allow you to have a strong cardiovascular system and toned muscles to take on anything.

Having a toned body in cardio shape is the right way to train!

Strength Training for Different Situations

The odds are that if you are overweight you may be avoiding weight training because you think it will cause you to put on even more weight. The truth is that the combination of weight training and a sensible diet along with cardio is the best and healthiest way to shed those pounds.

Following a program like this may result in losing 5 pounds whereas someone who has just been dieting and doing cardio may have lost 7 pounds! However, this isn’t showing the full results for both people. The side that isn’t shown is that you are more likely to have gained 3 pounds of muscle. Your muscles are a fat burning machine, and as you continue with weight training, you will reach those goals well beyond if you were just dieting and doing cardio.

When dieting there is a chance to revert back to your old eating habits resulting in weight gain only. Those willing to make a complete lifestyle overhaul involving a well-rounded exercise routine will continue to see progress.

The combination of cardio and dieting with weight training is a lifestyle you can continue throughout your life. By doing so, this will also contribute to living longer, and increasing your quality of life.


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