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by Casey McIlvaine

Many people hire personal trainers because they know heading to the gym and working out on their own will be a tough battle. For some clients, a personal trainer will simply ice the cake by pushing them harder and giving them inspiration. However, some clients may not adapt to as well to a workout plan and become discouraged. They may not meet their athletic goals in the time frame they thought was feasible and may even consider giving up with the whole working-out thing all together.

Here you will find some ways to motivate your own personal training clients who may be facing challenges.

Be the best example you can be. Looks matter when it comes to hunting for a personal trainer. This is one profession where you are your own best advertisement. After all, when a client can see the results of someone else’s hard work right in front of their eyes, they will be more motivated to work harder for themselves and believe what you are telling them. 

Pump up your discouraged clients. When you start working with your clients, ask them about their past, their present, and their future. But don’t stop there – keep talking to your clients to motivate them and keep them encouraged. By building a positive relationship, you will have a better sense of how you can plan the best workouts tailored to their lifestyle and goals. Also if your client needs a workout partner, there’s no rule saying you can’t join to give them a boost of confidence (while maintaining your focus on them, of course).

Track your client’s progress. Sometimes, a client’s progress isn’t as visible as they would like – however, that doesn’t mean they aren’t making strides in other areas. Keep track of your client’s weight, body mass, fat percentage, as well as their times for workouts and intensity levels so you can show them what they may not see. 

Focus on the positive. It’s not all about the problems. Clients are more likely to perform better when you emphasize the positive things with them. By showing your clients that they have a support system, they will be more interested in working out and completing their goals.

Make workouts fun. Workouts don’t have to be boring. Start by training your client and having a positive and playful attitude. This is contagious. Develop a workout that’s not only effective, but also one that has peaks – an accomplishment that your client will feel good about making. Make sure the workout plan you create allows for intermittent peaks according to their fitness level. This accomplishment should also be an exercise that your client has gotten stronger in over time, so you can reward them with praise.

So personal trainers, there you have it. Keep your clients motivated and clear their path to success!

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