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by Liz Bowen

Challenging yourself to be the best that you can be is an important part to being a successful personal trainer. The fitness industry is one that is very competitive and constantly advancing. Getting on top of this industry takes more than just a butt-kicking workout routine. Here are some daily habits used by top trainers that will help you become successful.

  1. Successful personal trainers treat health and fitness as more than just a hobby- it is their career. Treating your business as more than a hobby starts by developing a well-planned business strategy. Doing so may include, but is certainly not limited to an overall business and marketing plan as well as individualized plans for your clients. A successful personal trainer always has a well thought out strategy and plan.
  2. Successful Personal TrainersDefining, setting and achieving goals should be a continuous process for personal trainers. Successful personal trainers set goals that are specific, realistic and measurable within a defined time frame. Setting your goals according to these standards will help increase your likelihood of achieving them. Goals for your personal training business may include: number of clients, amount of revenue, and a time line for business success.
  3.  Successful personal trainers efficiently manage their time. It is not only important to set aside time for your own personal workout sessions but allocate time every week for your business-administration work. Pay close attention to details like scheduling, in order to ensure you never overbook and are always on time for your appointments. Developing a standard work schedule is a helpful way to keep your work consistent.
  4. In order to stay at the forefront of the fitness industry, staying up to date with your education is important. The first step is getting a degree or certification in personal training. A personal training certification from National Personal Training Institute offers specialized knowledge and skills that prepares you for a successful career in personal training. In addition to obtaining a personal training degree, continuing with your education through courses and workshops will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Staying knowledgeable and on top of the fitness and healthy industry’s evolving trends is crucial for success. Sharing your industry knowledge with your clients builds trust and strengthens your client-trainer relationship.
  5. Maintaining a healthy diet and a strong, fit figure is an important component to your creditability and overall success as a personal trainer. Properly fueling your body to keep it going is very important in the fitness industry. It’s important that every meal benefits your body and lifestyle.
  6. Focus your energy and attention on your client’s satisfaction. As a successful personal trainer, your goal should be to provide your clients with top quality service. A client is more likely to continue with their training and refer family and friends, if they are satisfied with their results. Your client’s satisfaction is one of the most important components of your business’ success.
  7. Successful personal trainers realize that it doesn’t happen overnight. With any career, dedication and consistency are important to make progress. In order to be successful in the health and fitness industries, it’s important to understand that setbacks will happen. The best way for your client or yourself to handle a setback is to acknowledge it and move forward.


Successful trainers don’t happen overnight; it takes dedication, consistency, planning and continual learning to become a successful personal trainer. The health and fitness industry is very competitive and frequently changing. Incorporating these habits into your everyday life and career will help advance your business overtime.

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