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by Casey McIlvaine

The United States of America is full of overweight people recently advocating an emphasis on physical fitness to shed those extra pounds. Being physically fit has become the new “in thing.”  This news is good for all those looking to build a career in this field, as people are ready to pay large sums of money just to stay fit and shed the extra fat. It is also a great industry to be a part of since its adding workers rather than laying them off.

The business isn’t going to be dying down any time soon as there are a vast majority of people who aren’t going to become thin overnight. According to reports and surveys, over 2/3 of the American population above the age of 20 are either obese, or overweight. The Center for Disease Control reports that adolescents between the ages of 12 to 19 are having a tough time keeping their weight under control, and if statistics are proved to be correct, 18% of them are overweight. Younger children aren’t doing any better, according to statistics, 15% of children from ages 6 to 11 are overweight.

Personal fitness trainers are making a career by charging astounding amounts of money to help obese people become fit. Unfortunately for the current world, but fortunately for personal fitness trainers, the abundance of overweight and obese people isn’t going to end any time soon. It is an opportunity for trainers to get paid heavily for doing community service by helping people achieve their goals of fat loss. Studies reveal that the job market for personal fitness professionals is going to rise by 27% over the next 10 years, meaning that the fitness industry will experience a growth far more than any other industry. According to the government, the opportunity of growth in this industry is because of the rising number of gymnasiums and health clubs implemented against the raging war to lessen obesity rates.

The prospective clients would be from a variety of demographics; hence the training program would be customized to cater to people of different demographics. Fitness training would be an excellent career choice provided you are ready to work hard and passionate about fitness. In addition to all this, you need brilliant socializing and marketing skills to pull in clients, and also a personal trainer certification that would help you attain greater heights in this business.

If you don’t mind sweating it out then a career as a fitness trainer would help you earn a steady income over the years to come!

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