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by Casey McIlvaine

It can be extremely difficult to overcome a lifetime of bad habits and find the right diet and fitness program that fits your lifestyle. The need for realistic and long-term solutions to our culture’s super-sized poor quality food choices is more important than ever. For the average person, the craze of overly rigid dieting programs is expensive and unrealistic. Although, gluten-free or Paleo diets are an easy commitment for some, where is the joy in denying yourself? Instead, using a common-sense diet is the most effective method for real long-term results.

ColorfullCommon-sense nutrition is the idea that making small, practical changes to your diet will lead to real results, and in the long-term, make positive changes to bad habits. A common-sense diet involves making changes to your portions sizes, while consciously balancing your nutrition. Unlike mainstream fad diets, common-sense diets taste great, save money and can easily be prepared. By controlling what enters your body, you will quickly see results in your energy level by eating more whole foods with less sugar, fat and salt. Rather than denying yourself, you can still love what you eat.

This common-sense approach to dieting can be extended to fitness as well. Taking a common-sense approach to fitness means starting out with small changes and making baby steps towards larger long-term life changes. Choosing to take the stairs over an elevator or parking a little further away are small opportunities you can find and commit to, when starting out.

Starting with small baby steps will create the right mindset to help you move along with your fitness goals. After completing small steps, you may find yourself ready for more changes. A gym membership may be an overwhelming and scary commitment, starting with a professional trainer is an easy gradual step that will help you along the way of achieving your goals. Common-sense fitness is about being realistic with what you want and can achieve.

Overall, a common-sense approach to a healthy life will provide tangible and long-term solutions, which can be incorporated into any lifestyle. Through building on small, practical everyday decision, this method will provide you with real results. Common-sense nutrition and fitness is all about making small changes that add up to an improved quality of life and healthier you.

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