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by Casey McIlvaine

Personal fitness training can be a great opportunity to work with different people while helping them achieve their fitness goals and also earn a living at the same time. You can create a rewarding career if you have the right blend of certification and experience. The following guidelines will tell you how to become a personal trainer.

See if you have the right skills – You need to have a variety of skills if you want to become a personal trainer. You should like working with different kinds of people. You should be logical, patient, organized, an effective motivator and, most significantly, a good listener.

Choose a Certification – There are a variety of organizations offering different personal fitness training certification, classes, workshops and exams for getting certified in personal fitness. Choose an organization that is widely recognized and accredited and also find out how much the certification would cost you.

Select a specialty – Though it is not necessary, but in this competitive market, fitness trainers can get preference over others by getting specialty certifications. By getting a specialty certification, you can offer more and also you can usually charge a little more for your services.

Look for a Job at a Club – Call some clubs in your area and ask them if they can give you a job of a personal trainer. If they agree, you can submit your application and also visit some of the major clubs on the Internet to see what vacancies they have.

Set up your own business – You can set up your own business which requires choosing a business entity (i.e., sole proprietorship, partnership, etc.), choosing a business name, registering your company, getting liability insurance, setting up your gym (if you’re training from your own home), targeting potential clients, and marketing yourself.

Market Yourself – Once your business is set up, it’s time to advertise yourself in the market. This means making flyers, newsletters, business cards, and most importantly making a website. You can also advertise yourself by posting flyers in stores, getting friends and family members to spread the word and sending out flyers and newsletters to people you know.

Improve Your Skills and Education – You can continue your education and training if you want to keep your certification and be a good fitness trainer. There are some companies in the market who offer you continuing education courses.

Beyond Personal Training – Once you get success as an established personal fitness trainer, there are other opportunities available to you. You can start consulting, fitness writing, athletic coaching, and group fitness instruction or even open your own gym.

You don’t have to necessarily work in a gym only as a personal trainer. Personal fitness trainers work in all kinds of different areas: corporate fitness, cruises, resorts, spas, online training and more.

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