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by Liz Bowen

With spring on the doorstep, many certified personal trainers are entering a busy season where clients have a strong desire to get in shape for the summer. Here are some of the workout regimens and nutritional tips that can help to quickly burn that fat and tone muscle.

As trainers know, it’s important to emphasize to clients that the combination of cardio and strength training are the most efficient ways to fat loss without burning muscle for energy. The goal for most people that want to get in shape for summer is to be leaner and stronger rather than bulking up or getting “skinny.” Of course, it’s imperative to know the client’s health level and design a workout and nutrition plan that fits them specifically along with close monitoring.

A high intensity strength/cardio workout will continue to burn calories for the next 24 to 36 hours after you have finished working out. For clients looking to ramp up their fitness routine for summer try a workout and fitness plan that emphasizes 20 minute intervals six days a week for six weeks.


For two days a week a 20-minute high intensity cardio and resistance workout starts with walking for about three minutes as a warmup, followed by a minute of jumping jacks, a minute of pushups and a minute of running up an incline (incline treadmill will work). At this point rest for 30 seconds by walking and repeat the routine four times. Follow this with several minutes of stretches for the cool down.

For two other alternating days of the week a 20 minute resistance training regimen doing squats, lunges, push-ups and triceps dips. For two other alternating days of the week, interval training that combines fast and slow will help to more quickly burn fat without burning muscle. For instance, if your client is healthy enough, have them sprint until they are out of breath, then walk for a while and then sprint again. Depending on the client and their goals, you can have them alternate running for five minutes with squats, then lunges and then step ups.

These types of exercise regimens require changing the clients overall eating habit (if they haven’t already). In order to speed up metabolism eat smaller meals throughout the day and don’t skip breakfast. Be sure that your client is drinking plenty of water as it not only curbs cravings it helps in proper digestion. You must help them to create a proper meal plan that provides variety while reducing calories. Nutritional supplements and vitamins help to round out the body’s nutritional needs.

Other eating habits need to be incorporated such as staying away from complex carbohydrates after 3 p.m., eliminating artificial sweeteners and no meals after 8 p.m. In fact, your client should eliminate all beverages other than water from their diet.

Although, as we have said in this blog many times, there are no shortcuts to fitness, this is one of several workout plans that can help clients achieve their summer goals in the most efficient way possible.


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