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by Casey McIlvaine

Often initial consultations between personal trainers and potential clients can be awkward and uncomfortable, especially for trainers who are new or lack experience. Running an effective consultation takes skill and confidence in your work. Potential clients frequently enter a consultation feeling anxious about their physical appearance and can be reluctant to make a commitment. In order to not miss an opportunity for business, trainers must be able to prove their skills and knowledge to the client while possessing effective business skills.

During a consultation, as a personal trainer, it is important to review the potential client’s medical and exercise history. From here, you should discuss and establish realistic goals and your plan of action to achieve them. Personal trainers who can easily connect with people and display confidence, while making the potential client feel comfortable and eager to get started, have a higher chance of closing the sale. As a personal trainer, the most important part of every initial consultation is succeeding in converting the meeting into a happily paying new client. In order to help you do so, we have put together three areas in which you should excel at.

1. Confidently Interacting with People

Trainers who can easily make connections and possess strong communication skills end up more successful during consultations. Being able to develop a genuine connection quickly is an important factor when a client is contemplating signing with you. Making eye contact and displaying open body language displays confidence and increases your credibility. Clients want to work with people they like and trust.

2. Become a Better Listener

When conducting your consultations, be conscious of not monopolizing that conversation. The only way to understand your client’s wants and needs is asking the key questions and actively listening to their answers. Being able to tailor your recommendations and sales pitch to incorporate what the client has told you will increase your chances of gaining their business.

3. Winning Over a Client

For most personal trainers, the most difficult topic to bring up is the cost of their services. Instead of waiting for the prospective client to bring up the topic of money, make it a point to beat them to it. Bringing up the subject of fees before they do keeps you in control and displays confidence, which ultimately will help persuade your clients. A thorough analysis of how you are able to help the client that is linked to the topic of money will help your client feel more comfortable in you and the plan you are offering. Just like a client in any business industry, they want to know what they’re return on investment will be (ROI), so don’t be afraid to openly discuss that with them.

Displaying confidence in your fitness knowledge as well as your ability to help a client will help you gain success in your career. With the ability to effectively run a consultation, your personal training business will expand. The most important component of gaining client’s trust is listening to their needs in order to assist them in achieving their goals.

If you’re not fully confident in your fitness knowledge, you may want to consider more education. The National Personal Training Institute offers personal training certification diploma courses at these locations to help you gain the knowledge you need to succeed.

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