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by Casey McIlvaine

The New Year never fails to bring about resolution-minded new members crowding your gym. Every year in the beginning of January, everybody turns into a gym rat. Even if your gym is busier than usual, that shouldn’t mean you have to put in a subpar workout because you’re standing around waiting for equipment more than you’re actually working out. The good news is, in about a month, most of the newcomers will drop off and you will be free to resume your fitness routine without interruption. Rather than waiting until February, we’ve put together a list of tips to make the best out of crowded gym.

New years resolution


1.Workout During Off-Hours

Although it may mean changing your routine, getting your workout in during the gym’s off-peak hours is always an option. The busiest times for gyms tends to be Monday- Wednesday during the after-work hours. Gym crowds tend to taper off as the week goes on. Training during off peak hours may require you get to get up earlier, but on the bright side, you can go through your day knowing that your “heavy-lifting” is over with. Another option, if possible, is hitting the gym during lunch, not only will you get your workout over with, but you will feel more productive and avoid a 3 o’clock crash. Gyms tend to be calm between 5-6am, 1-3pm and 8-10pm.

2. Schedule Your Rest Days Wisely

Most people start their workout week on Mondays, so instead start your routine on Saturday. Hitting the gym on the weekend is almost always the best way to avoid the crowds and gives you free rein over any equipment you may need. By scheduling your rest days for Monday or Tuesday, you will be taking off on the two worst days for crowds.

3. Utilize Equipment for Multiple Exercises

Your gym is crowded, but you finally have claimed an open piece of equipment. Rather than doing 2-3 sets utilizing the equipment and returning to wait in line for another machine or bench, perform multiple exercises with the equipment you have already claimed. Although you shouldn’t limit your exercise routine to that degree, you can easily perform different movements before moving on to the next piece of equipment. Make your muscle work double time by performing exercises that target several different muscles at once.

4. Wait it out

The gym crowds in January are seasonal. It’s the inevitable truth; the population of the gym will start thinning out as time goes on. In the meantime, suck it up and stick it out!


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