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by Casey McIlvaine

Achieving any worthwhile goal in life requires a great deal of self-discipline. This can mean building a career and achieving career goals to the more personal such as getting in shape, losing weight, and getting healthier. A personal trainer must be disciplined in all of these areas to be successful in their own lives and bring success in achieving stated goals for their clients.

It takes a great deal of discipline of mind and body just to become a personal trainer. Despite the fact that people wake up every day and decide to become a professional personal trainer, only those with the discipline to plan the best way to get an education, pay for it, and survive financially while they make that transition will have a fighting chance of success.

Many people that desire to become a personal trainer may have forgotten the discipline traits necessary to get through school. Everything from time management, mental focus, and physical endurance to proper nutrition and rest are a part of any successful educational experience. It can be argued that these become even more crucial for anyone desiring to become a personal trainer.

Having the discipline it takes to map out a plan for accomplishing career goals and career trajectory begins before the first day of school for anyone that intends to be successful in any career. This is no less true of a personal trainer.

In fact, many personal trainers with clear financial goals understand that they will one day have to work for themselves to reach the highest income levels. Consequently, this requires a great deal of discipline in planning, patience, and self-improvement. For example, it can be very difficult to discipline yourself to work for someone else so that you take advantage of every opportunity to learn that the situation provides and have the patience to bide your time.

Dedicating yourself to learning your craft is about always paying attention to how people think and feel to gain a better understanding of how to support, help and deal with them best as clients. In addition, it can be difficult to discipline yourself to learn about the specifics of how a business is run in an environment that you do not control or run yourself.

It takes constant improvement to be successful as a personal trainer. That means taking acquiring additional certifications that can provide advanced training and niche development as well as courses in business and marketing. Juggling full days at the gym with clients and fitting in additional classes and studying at night or in between requires short-term sacrifices for long-term gain. This means having a high degree of personal discipline to keep at it and stay focused when you want to be out having fun or just relaxing.

Although all of these areas that require hard work require discipline, so too does an understanding of how and when to relax your body and mind. Personal trainers understand the need for the body to recuperate in order to maximize the benefits of a workout. The same holds true in your daily life and career.

Being a workaholic and driven to succeed can be a good thing, but you must have the discipline to plan time for your mind and body to recuperate. Only then can you have the mental and physical strength that are necessary for creative thinking and planning. This helps you plot the next step for the next day, week, month, or in your overall career.

As a personal trainer, discipline in all of these areas does more than guide your own life; it helps you to guide the progress of your clients. Without discipline in all of these areas, you cannot hope to cultivate discipline in your clients.

Without discipline, they will fail at attaining their goals. If they fail, so too do you. Consequently, discipline can be seen as the most important characteristic to have when you decide to become a personal trainer as well as throughout your career.

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