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by Casey McIlvaine

There are so many myths and misconceptions about personal trainers, it would be nearly impossible to debunk them in one blog post. Some stand in the way of people enlisting the help of a personal trainer to change their lives for the healthier while others are just plain annoying. For now, let’s tackle some of the most persistent misconceptions.


Personal Trainers are Expensive

This is one misconception that can stand in the way of many people getting the support and help of a personal trainer. There are certainly expensive personal trainers that operate in the upper echelons of clients whether they are the wealthiest, celebrities or elite athletes.

These trainers like any other personal trainer worth their salt has earned their reputation for quality instruction, knowledge and getting results while bringing a winning personality to the table. The difference with these elite personal trainers is often one of confidentiality and gaining word-of-mouth recommendations among a wealthy or elite group of clientele.

Movie stars, athletes and other specialty groups that rely on their physical features or being in shape for their livelihoods are part of a huge investment for any leading sports team or film production. To get the work, they have to invest heavily in the constant support and training from elite personal trainers.

For the average person, it’s still attainable to have a professional and experienced personal trainer that is every bit as good as those called on by elite clientele. Their hourly rates are far more reasonable and their clients don’t require their services five days or more a week, which can get expensive.

In addition, some personal trainers have highly specialized training and experience in certain areas that aren’t needed by the average person. These skills are both time consuming and often costly to attain for the personal trainer so they charge accordingly.

Personal Trainers Have All the Answers

There is no such thing as a personal trainer with all of the answers. That is because the health and nutrition field are constantly changing as we learn more about the human body and develop new techniques for fitness and nutrition.

A good personal trainer is certainly highly skilled in all of the basics of health and fitness with a good amount of experience working with clients under their belt. Based on that skill and experience, they will answer each client’s questions to the best of their knowledge and seek out the answer when they don’t have it themselves.19

Personal Trainers Act like Drill Sergeants

Reality television has created the myth of the hardnosed, driving personal trainer. The reality is that while you can find those types of trainers if you look hard, the majority of good personal trainers are more coaches than drill instructors.

Their job is to partner with you and support you to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. That may be providing positive encouragement one day and pushing you a little harder the next. Regardless of the given approach at any given minute, they have taken the time to learn your personality as well as your needs, limitations, strengths and weaknesses so they can apply the right motivation at the right time to help you reach your goal.

Personal Trainers Are Always Working Out

This can be a dangerous misconception that can discourage people from starting on the path to fitness and good health. The truth is that skilled, educated, and experienced personal trainers understand that rest is of equal importance to being healthy as exercise.

Like everyone else, they try to create a balance that allows them to lead full lives that they can fully enjoy due to their health. Their goal is to help you do the same thing. When they are working with clients, they spend more time coaching, listening and correcting form with clients than actually working out, which is as it should be.







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