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by Liz Bowen

Working with a personal trainer

To say that in-person personal training is better than online personal training seems like a statement of the obvious. There are some considerable benefits to training in a gym with a personal trainer versus following an online training program. These are benefits you can discuss with potential clients to encourage them to use your services.

#1 – Discipline. We’ve all been tempted to make excuses to skip a workout. An online program is easy to ignore. On the other hand, having a set appointment with a trainer can encourage people to stick to their goals.

#2 – Personalization. Being able to sit down with a personal trainer to discuss goals, likes and dislikes, soreness issues, etc. can be extremely beneficial. People are actually getting a personalized experience this way. This is something they can’t get buy following a workout schedule published online.

#3 – Form. Think back to when you first started working out and be honest, was your form always correct? Probably not. Most of us needed somebody to point out what we were doing wrong because it can be difficult to tell times. And as you know as a personal trainer, good form is crucial because it prevents injuries and helps ensure you’re correctly targeting the right muscles.

#4 – Conversation and Connection. Sometimes having a person to talk to about the most difficult parts of weight loss, dieting, etc. can make a huge difference. Trainers are people, too. You’ve dealt with and experienced the struggle first-hand. You can offer a sympathetic ear and perhaps even give your clients advice on how to make things easier. Pass on your tips and tricks.

#5 – Learning. Every session with your clients can be an opportunity to teach them about muscle groups, why some fat-burning methods are better than others, things of this nature. Knowing why what they’re doing is important and will work can make their experience with you and with exercise more meaningful.

It’s possible that you’ve come across people who are considering online training courses because they’re cheaper or they offer greater flexibility with their schedules. While that may be, these five points are good reasons why people should pay a little more for personal training and make the time to meet with you. You can offer an invaluable service that potential clients won’t get from any online fitness program, and you can help them understand why.

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