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by Liz Bowen

Healthiest cities in the U.S.Whatever you believe, you may or may not be surprised by the top 10 healthiest cities in the U.S., according to Forbes. Does your city fall into the ranks, or do you have some work to do?

  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Breathe deep and take in all the clean air. In this city, people make exercise a top priority in their lives—which makes perfect sense considering these go-getters were one of the first cities that added bike trails.
  2. Washington, D.C. – With a much lower smoking rate as well as the splattering of national parks ideal for jogging and cycling, D.C. dominates at #2 on this list. The city also offers a higher number than average of swimming pools, tennis courts, and recreation centers.
  3. Boston, Massachusetts – In this city, more people are active than not. In fact, 80% of their population reports that they exercise at least once a month. Most people in this city walk to public transport or ride bikes, making this city number 3.
  4. Portland, Oregon – In the northwest, residents enjoy the outdoors and have many vegetarian food options.  With a high acreage of parkland, farmers’ markets, and health care, Portland practically begs its residents to stay active.
  5. Denver, Colorado – With easy access to the Rocky Mountains, it’s no surprise that people enjoy spending hours outside here. Featuring plenty of ski and snowboarding trails, golf courses, dog parks, swimming pools, and even tennis courts, there’s no reason to stay indoors with all the fun outdoors awaiting you.
  6. San Francisco, California – Featuring fresh produce and open space, residents are more likely to walk or bike to work to enjoy the outdoors. Not to mention the hills of San Fran add an extra jolt to any pedestrian’s commute.
  7. Hartford, Connecticut – Offering swimming pools, baseball fields, golf courses, as well as recreational centers, these residents enjoy getting out for some fun in the sun.
  8. Seattle, Washington – The northwest’s ideal of getting outside and enjoying yourself continues with the placement of Seattle on this list. Seattleites are more likely to walk or bike to work and stop by one of the many farmer’s markets for fresh whole foods on their way home.
  9. Virginia Beach, Virginia – This particular span of beach offers numerous activities from swimming to beach volleyball and much more. This city is also rich in parks, tennis courts, playgrounds, and golf courses.
    10. Sacramento, California – Backed up with many open spaces around the city, this city is home to many outdoor locations like playgrounds, dog parks, and swimming pools.

So readers, we have to ask – how many of these cities are home to NPTI personal trainer programs? Let us know in the comments – you’ll be surprised by the answer!


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