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by Casey McIlvaine

As personal trainers we are typically busy people who have a lot on our plates at any given time. An unfortunate consequence of our profession is the requirement of being at the mercy of other people’s schedules. Most people find time management in both their careers and life to be an incredibly difficult task, and personal trainers aren’t any different. Mastering the art of time management will help you become more efficient in your profession. When it comes to time management and organization, there are many different systems and philosophies, especially for personal trainers juggling clients, plans and task. Here are some tips for more efficiently managing your time

Establish your Goals

You establish goals with your clients, but do you take a moment to think about your own? Identifying your life, weekly and daily goals will help you develop your mission, vision and purpose. Defining your goals is one of the most important things you can do in order to succeed with time management and lead a fulfilling life. Establish goals that are attainable and realistic, don’t overdo it. Be sure to write them down, in order to help achieve the

Stay on Top of Weekly Planning

As a personal trainer, your schedule is jam-packed. Instead of taking the harder route by trying to remember everything, start every week by planning. Planning your assignments out on a weekly basis allows you to see a big enough picture, yet is small enough to focus on the details of each day. Once you start planning your week, you will find your ability to focus and complete task will increase. Weekly planning will allow you to make progress in many different aspect of your life.

Prioritizing your Tasks

An important trait to posses, in order to successfully manage your time, is the ability to prioritize. Usually the tasks that are the hardest or most time-consuming are the ones that people start to procrastinate on. Procrastinating allows people to remain in their comfort zone by convincing themselves into thinking that there is more time to complete the task later. However, if you want to become successful at time management you must realize, there is no time, the time is now. By prioritizing your to-do list from high to low in terms of importance, you will begin to manage your time more efficiently.

Be Disciplined and Stay Focused

In order to excel at something, you need to be disciplined. As a personal trainer, you already know how important discipline in to your health and fitness. Some people find it easier to think of creating new habits rather than discipline. Discipline and focus, in regards to time management, simply means that if you are scheduled to work on “x”, work on solely on “x” and nothing else. Set an end goal of the amount of time you plan to spend on “x” and focus solely on that task. Also, keeping your phone on silent when you’re working, unless you’re expecting an important call, will keep you from becoming distracted by your phone.

Take Time to Slow Down

An important to reason to efficiently manage your time is to prevent becoming burnt out. When making your weekly schedule, be sure to time for yourself to slow down and relax to prevent feeling overwhelmed or frazzled.

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Learning how to maximize your time every day is critical for any profession. Personal trainers have hectic schedules. Make the most out of your time in order to maximize your earnings. Use these time management principles to help guide you towards reaching your goals.


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