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by Casey McIlvaine

Personal trainers have always tracked and reviewed the data and metrics of each client’s performance, progress and health. Today, those metrics are increasingly being tracked via a variety of apps for personal trainers that integrate with smartphones and other devices. These apps make the process easier and more accurate while allowing better planning for each client’s short and long-term health and fitness goals.

With many different personal trainer apps to choose from, trainers have a wide variety of effective features to choose from beyond the basics of diet and workout habits. Many allow trainers to see and create each individual meal as well as evaluate and adjust diet areas that may be of concern while tracking daily calorie counts.

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This two-way communication via email and messaging to clients allow trainers to communicate with clients between sessions and provide tips and positive reinforcement. This can come in the form of exercise video demos, which they can save in a database to send to individual clients when appropriate. They can also create proper workout technique plans that can be saved, printed out, or accessed by their mobile device along with additional workout notes for the client.

In addition, many apps for personal trainers can track and store weight and BMI changes as well as muscle measurements. All of these features work collectively to help the trainer develop an effective short and long-term plan for each client to achieve their goals. Those goals can include increased muscle mass/strength, endurance, weight loss, or other health benchmarks.

Most of these apps provide various ways to more effectively run the trainer’s business such as providing an integrated calendar system for scheduling appointments. Trainers can also set up client file systems with all of the contact info from phone to email, health, workout, and diet metrics. Even billing info can be included.

These personal trainer apps can range from free to small monthly or annual fees depending on the features, and storage methods (within the device, browser-based or cloud-based). They can easily accommodate anywhere from one to several dozen clients and their data while providing full-time access to the personal trainer via smartphone, iPad, iPhone, PC, or Mac. The individual app may accommodate some or all of the devices depending on the one that is chosen.

For a look at some of the more recent apps for personal trainers, visit the Joe & Christina personal trainer website, which provides a listing of 10 Apps for personal trainers with feature lists, costs, reviews, and links to the manufacturer websites.

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