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by Casey McIlvaine

A healthy body is no longer a luxury affair. Recently, a revolution in the fitness industry is experienced due to which cost effectiveness of the program has gone exceptionally down transforming the workout sessions into an unbelievable daily activity of a regular person. Considering the total focus on political realms in the mid 80s, it is unrealistic to conceptualize subtle unethical switch.The contribution of Yoga and Asian Marshall Artists influentially formalizing fitness sessions irrespective of economical and racial barriers.
A potential workout regime centers at spiritual well being rather than physical appearances which are relatively achieved by synthetic means. However, overindulgence and short-cuts to fabulous body are consistently leading amateurs to acquire unhealthy workout regimes and diet plans. The intake of stimulants—such as caffeine, ephedrine, amphetamine, and cocaine are frequently regulated to boost physical strength and endurance. These substances cause serious health problems. Untrained practice of a particular exercise and overindulgence under no professional supervision, too, leads to fatal injuries. Cardiologist Dr. Dave Thompson of Hartford hospital in Connecticut described a case of a man who died of a cardiac arrest while applying a wrong posture to a particular movement. What precautions should one consider while performing an exercise?  This article will help you with suggestions on safety while executing a certain posture.

  • Sit ups tone your oblique, upper and lower abdominal. The movement puts stress on Vertebrae and spinal disc causing small ruptures. Brace and Hollow techniques can reduce the dangers and improve muscular girdle around your waist.
  • Pec Deck trains your chest and shoulders. This exercise can cause bone dislocation, Ligaments and Rotor Cuff injury. Bench Press and Bar Dip are advised to avoid injuries caused by Pec Deck.
  • Behind Neck Press trains neck and shoulders. The exercise lead to bone dislocation and injuries related to Rotor Cuffs. Bench Press and Bar Dip should be substituted to avoid fatalities.
  • Dead lift trains hips and lower back. The exercise puts a huge pressure on spine forcing it to bend beyond a certain degree. The key to safety is the right posture with a straight spinal bone.
  • Leg Extension is a common exercise to strengthen thigh muscles. A wrong posture can damage the tissue connectivity and the ligaments supporting the knee joints. For safety reasons, Squats, Leg presses, Lunges are advised by the professional trainers and coaches.

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