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by Liz Bowen
10 Healthy Habits To Incorporate In 2022

Another year is here again and we’re no strangers to the making and breaking of New Year’s Resolutions. We promise to take better care of ourselves and improve our well-being. Once life kicks, we are quick to put our health goals on the back burner. However, there’s no better time like now to commit to healthy habits.

No matter if it was a resolution at the beginning of 2022 or you chose to make those changes now, know that making and incorporating small changes will help you achieve your goal. Here are 10 manageable habits to include in your personal training program!

1.  Improve Your Posture

Standing up straight and avoiding slouching is simple to incorporate into your daily routine. Maintaining a proper posture may seem like a small change, but it goes a long way to prevent soreness and body pains. Keep the back straight, chin up, and walk with confidence!

2.  Take Frequent Walks

Setting some time aside to stretch and walk around is a great way to add movement that won’t be strenuous. Even if it’s for a few minutes, head outside to just walk through the neighborhood or visit a nearby park. You can never go wrong with some sunshine and fresh air!

3.  Dancing

Dancing is a fun and exciting way to get yourself moving. Today, Tiktok is one of the most used social media platforms. Many use this app to share their fitness tips and routines, which include dancing. Break a sweat by learning and creating your dances!

4.  Electrolytes

It is highly recommended to add some electrolytes into their diet, especially if you’re trying to stay active. This helps maintain blood pressure, supports muscles, and much more. An effective way to get a good amount of electrolytes is by consuming drinks such as Gatorade.

5.  Lessen Alcohol Intake

Try to cut down on your alcohol consumption. If you ever rely on alcohol as a way to cope with stress or other negative emotions, then it might be doing more harm than good. Drinking less will help you improve your relationship with alcohol and possibly find healthier alternatives.

6.  Make Fitness Both Physical and Virtual

If they’re having trouble sticking to your workout routines, it may be time to add a fun twist to keep you motivated. Download apps on your devices to keep track of your fitness journey. Some apps even offer games and rewards to make things much more exciting.

7.  Stay Hydrated

Water sustains our bodies and keeps them functioning. It’s responsible for keeping our body temperature at bay, lubricating our muscles, and cleansing our bodies. We must intake an ample amount of clean water every day.

8.  Supplements

Supplements add an extra supply of nutrients that we normally can’t obtain from our normal diet. They also support the absorption of nutrients, which strengthens our bodies and supply energy in our everyday lives.

9.  Yoga

Yoga has consistently been a top fitness trend these past few years. Many love this form of exercise since it is a challenging yet relaxing way to increase flexibility, improve balance, and strengthen the muscles. Try to take a class or look up videos with simple routines to follow at home.

10. Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a great way to tune out the world for a moment and allow yourself to relax. As much as physical activity is great to keep you healthy, hearing soothing noises can help you remain focused and energized throughout the day. Feeling like you’ve reached your goals and want to encourage others to do the same? National Personal Training Institute has personal trainer certification programs in Michigan that help all aspiring personal trainers stay at the top of their game achieve their full potential.  We also offer fitness instructor certifications in NJ and nationwide.

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