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by Liz Bowen

Being a successful personal trainer is two-fold. You need to have the actual personal training knowledge (i.e. What are the best methods of burning fat? Why are they the best? What is the best way to build muscle? And so on.) But you also need some business savvy in order to truly be successful.

If you’re just beginning to build your personal training business, here are some tips you should use to help make it successful.

  • Work out of good facilities that have a lot of equipment, and are clean. These are the types of gyms that will attract people, so you’ll likely have more clientele.
  • Build relationships with your clients. Make sure you really personalize the workouts to each client’s goals. Learn about what works to motivate them. Be understanding and caring but tough when necessary.
  • Good communication goes a long way. If a client emails, calls, or texts, respond in a timely manner. It might help to block out a half hour period every day to check email and return voicemails.
  • Create a blog on a website like Blogspot. Update this at least several times a month with articles that discuss weight loss tips, diet trends, which supplements are really worth it, etc.
  • Use social media. You can create a Facebook page and Instagram account for you business. Use these to share interesting articles you think your clients would like or to highlight their progress pictures.
  • List your business on websites like Yelp and Google. This will help you name show up whenever somebody searches for personal training in your area. It’s a good way to help you attract more clientele.
  • Use services like Fiverr to get a unique business card design. Then use a service like VistaPrint to order them at an affordable price.
  • Be uplifting. One thing that is invaluable to a personal training business is the ability to make clients feel better about them. People will always want to come work with the trainer who has a positive attitude and makes them feel good and optimistic.

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